2002 Emmy Winners

2002 Emmy® Award Winners
Title Production Company Member Name
Investigative Reporting
The Imam Investigation WJW Sheil, Bill, Reporter
Merriman, Thomas, Researcher
Hollis, David, Photographer
Spot News
Melody Skateland Fire WTHR Van Wyk, Rich, Reporter
Reilly, William, Photographer/ Editor
Live/Breaking News
River Rescue WISH Halvorson, Eric, Reporter/Photographer
Service News Story - Single Story
Target 3 Investigations - Taxis WKYC Summers, Dave, Reporter
Hickey, Gregory T., Editor/Producer
Service News Story - Series
Invisible Threat WTHR Rader, Kevin, Reporter
Starnes, Stephen, Photographer
Richards, Jason, Editor
General Reporting
911 Rescue Dogs WJW Steeves, Kristy, Reporter
News Report - Hard News
Dirty Dancing WKYC Monday, Carl, Reporter
Hickey, Gregory T., Editor
Leonard, Mike, Photographer
News Report - Soft News
Bust Full of Blues WTHR Proffitt, Chris, Reporter
Hall, Jim, Producer
Julianne’s Struggle WKYC Robinson, Romona, Anchor/Reporter
Hickey, Gregory T., Editor
Leonard, Mike, Videographer
Young, Emilia, Executive Producer/Writer/Producer
News Series - Hard News
The Hot Zone WISH Hensel, Karen, Reporter
News Series - Soft News
Nostradamus WJW Stratford, Suzanne, Reporter
Sports Report
Umar Muhammad WISH Jones, Paul, Reporter
Gratz, Ivan, Photographer
Newscast Production
Nation Under Siege WJW Ranyak, Joseph, Line Producer
Fishman, Andrew, Executive Producer
Crafts: Journalistic Enterprise
Dave Summers: Target 3 Investigations WKYC Summers, Dave, Reporter
Crafts: Anchor - News
Romona Robinson WKYC Robinson, Romona, Anchor
Crafts: Anchor - Weathercaster
Steve Bray - Chief Meteorologist WISH Bray, Steve, Chief Meteorologist
Crafts: Anchor - Sportscaster
Football Friday with the Powers Pack WTVG Powers, Robert,
Crafts: On Camera Talent -News
Extreme Product Testing WEWS Merriman, Thomas, Reporter
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Non News
Holly Gregory WTIU Gregory, Holly, Host
Crafts: Director -News
NewsChannel Five At Noon Scripps Howard Broadcasting Kurrent, Steve, Director
Crafts: Director -Non News
Bob Pennell-Composite Fox Sports Ohio Pennell, Robert A., Director
Crafts: Director -Tape/Film
Looking for a Face Like Mine WBGU Brady, Shawn, Director
Crafts: Videographer -News
3 Stories WXIN59 Suiter, James, Photographer
Crafts: Videographer -Non News
Promotion Composite WISH Rekis, John, Photographer
Crafts: Editor/News
2001 Composite WJW Reece, Christopher, Photographer
Crafts: Editor/Non News
Medical Miracles Composite WKYC Cummings, Dean, Editor
Crafts: Editor/Promotion
Sweeps Promotion/Gran Prix/America Responds WJW Holcomb, Alan, Editor
Crafts: Writer/News
Bust Full of Blues WTHR Hall, Jim, Writer
Crafts: Writer/Non News
MSB Confidential WJW Fishman, Andrew, Writer
Crafts: Graphic Designer
WTHR News Graphics 2001 WTHR Birkhead, Janet, Design Director/Designer
Wolfe, Steve, Designer
Burke, Kris, Designer
Ross, Terry, Designer
Donaldson, Todd, Designer
Crafts: Research
The Imam Investigation WJW Merriman, Thomas, Researcher
Crafts: Audio
Bust Full of Blues WTHR Hall, Jim, Field Audio
Rhodes, Steve, Field Audio
Crafts: Lighting
Bust Full of Blues WTHR Rhodes, Steve, Lighting Coordinator
Hall, Jim, Lighting Coordinator
Crafts: Music Composition
Bouncing Ball WKYC Wisinski, Stephen, Writer - Lyricist
News Specials
A Time to Heal WTHR Starnes, Stephen, Photographer
Ryder, Anne, Anchor/ Reporter
Richards, Jason, Editor
Mulder-Palermo, Judy, Executive Producer
Birkhead, Janet, Graphic Designer
Mulligan, Brian, Editor
Surviving the Storm WTHR Cooley, Julie, Producer/Writer
Wright, Christopher, Host
Duell, Kyle, Videographer
Kroening, Karl, Videographer
Richards, Jason, Editor
Mulligan, Brian, Editor
Entertainment Programs - Regularly Scheduled
The Lake Show Classic Teleproductions, Inc. Bacon, Michael, Producer
Boronkay, Bill, Producer/Host
Gerlica, Michael, Videographer
Lempner, Michael, Editor
Entertainment Programs - Specials
The Cleveland Orchestra: A Concert in Tribute and Remembrance WVIZ Cosell, Bill, Producer/Director
Rosenberger, Mark, Executive Producer
Vendeland, Michael, Production Manager
Smukler, Mark, Executive Producer
Children/Youth Programs - Regularly Scheduled
The Friday Zone “On Skis” #250 WTIU Gregory, Holly, Host/Producer
Kincaid, John, Director
Children/Youth Programs - Specials
AMA-ZONE: The Rain Forest Project WNEO/WEAO Mitchell, Steve, Executive Producer
Mastromatteo, Maria, Project Coordinator
Nero, Rebecca, Educational Consultant
Fischer, Dirk, Producer/Editor
Moushey, Eileen, Writer
O"Connell, Michael, Videographer
Magazine Format Programs
Applause (#413 - Winter Wonderland) WVIZ Henry, Julie, Producer/Host
Albanese, Cynthia, Producer
Stone, Mark, Producer
Public Affairs & Discussion Programs - Specials
Every 15 Minutes WXIN Koschnick, Emily, Executive Producer
Interview/Discussion Programs -Shows Scheduled Weekly or Less Often
Simply A Life: Laura Baugh Cuyahoga Community College Donato, Michael John, Producer
Cultural Affairs
Sugarplum Dreams - Staging the Nutcracker Ballet WTIU Schwibs, Susanne, Producer/Editor
Prickel, Ron, Producer/Videographer
Brancolini, Eugene, Executive Producer
Special Programs
Mouth of the Dragon WTLW Stache, Jennifer, Producer/Writer
Feature/Entertainment Segments
Bridge to the Past WEWS Harvey, Brad, News Anchor
Sports Event - Live Or Live On Tape
Cleveland Indians Baseball Fox Sports Net Ohio Farmer, Tom, Executive Producer
Johnson, Doug, Producer
Pennell, Robert A., Director
Sports Programs - Regularly Scheduled
Inside the Huddle With Butch Davis WKYC Tate, Ned, Producer
Wohl, Alan, Producer
Savastano, Christopher, Associate Producer
Sports Programs - Specials
High School Heisman Showcase Fox Sports Net Ohio Farmer, Tom, Executive Producer
Burke, Tony, Producer
Platz, Jeff, Associate Producer
Community Service
WKYC 9/11 Response WKYC Spectorsky, Brooke, President & General Manager
Technical Achievement
Analog to Digital Conversion and Station Move WKYC Rickley, Rex, Chief Engineer
Szabo, Mike, Asst. Chief Engineer
Schmucki, Jack, Asst. Chief Engineer
Seawall, Gary, Maintenance Engineer
Betke, Randy, Maintenance Engineer
Smith, Chuck, Maintenance Engineer
Miller, Jim, Maintenance Engineer
Kubankin, John, Maintenance Engineer
Kushman, Dave, Maintenance Engineer
Station Promotion -Single Spot
Weathergods WTHR Dutton, Jeff, Promotion Director
Duell, Kyle, Videographer/Producer
Kroening, Karl, Videographer/Producer
On-Air Station Promotion - Campaign
New Year’s Campaign WKYC Byrnes, Micki, Writer / Producer
Wisinski, Stephen, Writer / Producer
Mahaffee, Mac, Wrliter / Producer
Jackson, Monique, Writer / Producer
Pullen, Steve, Videographer
Golya, Gregory, Graphic Designer
On-Air Station Promotion - Station Created News Topicals
I-Team Investigates Police Station Cameras WJW March, Lisa, Promotions Producer
Public Service Announcement
September 11th WTHR Knowles, Geri, Producer/Director
Student Program
Connections Live Ball State University Ratliff, Jonathan, Executive Producer
Hall, Gerrad, Executive Producer
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Market Size 1-20
Channel 3 News at 11 PM WKYC Williams, Kathy, News Director
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Market Size 21-40
Eyewitness News at 6:00 WTHR Dimberio, Cynthia, Producer
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Market Size 41+
Fox Toledo News at Ten WUPW Suarez, Jose, News Director