2004 Emmy Winners

2004 Emmy® Award Winners
Title Production Company Member Name
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Mkt 1-20
Live on Five WEWS Lynn Heider, News Director
Stefani Schaefer, Anchor
Lee Jordan, Anchor
Ted Henry, Anchor
James Pollack, Producer
Jason Scott, Executive Producer
Outstand Daily Newscast - Mkt 21-40
Eyewitness News at 6PM
Jacques Natz, News Director
Judy Palermo, Executive Producer
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Mkt 41+
NBC 24 News at 11 WNWO Lou Hebert, News Director
Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast - Mkt 1-20
6 AM Newscast
Richard C. Moore, News Director
Catherine Barker, Producer
Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast - Mkt 21-40
Eyewitness News Sunrise
Jacques Natz, News Director
Shelley Triol, Executive Producer
Investigative Reporting
Free Parking WKYC Carl Monday, Reporter
Spot News
Magnesium Inferno WOIO/WUAB Lynna Lai, Anchor/Reporter
Live/Breaking News
Chaos at Case: Case Western Reserve Siege WOIO Stephen Doerr, News Director
Service News Story - Single Story
772 lbs. Prison
Thomas Merriman, Reporter
David Hollis, Videographer
Service News Story - Single Story
Sex in the City WKYC Carl Monday, Reporter
Service News Story - Series
Heavy Decision WTHR Anne Ryder, Reporter
Stephen Starnes, Photographer
Julie Cooley, Producer
Kyle Duell, Editor
General Reporting
Spring Weather Blues WEWS Leon Bibb, Anchor/Reporter
General Reporting
323rd Welcome Home WTVG Diane Wilson, Reporter
News Report - Hard News
R-T-A Heart Attack


Carl Monday, Reporter
Mike Leonard, Videographer
Gregory T. Hickey, Editor
News Report-Soft News
The Singing Meijer Man
Kevin Rader, Reporter
Steve Rhodes, Photographer
News Series - Hard News
Miracle Man


Thomas Merriman, Reporter
Herb Thomas, Videographer
Cragg Eichman, Videographer
Timothy Roskey, Editor
News Series - Soft News
Unsung Heros WXIN Angela Ganote, Anchor/Reporter
News Series - Soft News
Merrick’s Heart


Anne Ryder, Reporter
Karl Kroening, Photographer
Dean O'Neal, Editor
Sports Report
Surfs Tough WXIN Justin Allen, Anchor/Reporter
Newscast Production
Garfield Inferno WOIO Jamie Innis-Spurrier, Line Producer
Joseph Ranyak, Executive Producer
Crafts: Journalistic Enterprise
Best of Lorrie Taylor WJW Lorrie Taylor, Reporter
Crafts: Journalistic Enterprise
Tom Merriman WJW Thomas Merriman, Reporter
Crafts: Anchor - News
Magnesium Fire WEWS Adam Shapiro, Anchor
Crafts: Anchor - Weathercaster
Hurricane on the Way WISH Angela Buchman, Meteorologist
Crafts: Anchor - Sportscaster
Dave Calabro WTHR Dave Calabro, Sports Anchor
Crafts: On Camera Talent - News
Man on the Run WJW Lorrie Taylor, Reporter
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Non News
Columbo Look-A-Like Pet Craze TV John Kohout, CEO
Crafts: Director - News
Loretta Goode WTHR Loretta Goode, Director
Crafts: Director - Non News
Academic Challenge WEWS Steve Kurrent, Director
Crafts: Director - Tape/Film
Candles and Carols 2003 Covenant Productions David Armstrong, Director
Crafts: Videographer - News
3 Stories WXIN James Suiter, Chief Photographer
Crafts: Videographer - Non News
Tony Williams WFYI Anthony Williams, Videographer
Crafts: Editor - News
The Singing Meijer Man WTHR Steve Rhodes, Editor
Crafts: Editor - Non News
For Gold and Glory WFYI Eric Maloney, Editor
Crafts: Editor - Promotion
Mellencamp/Bobbleheads/News WTHR Brian Mulligan, Editor/Compositor
Crafts: Editor - Promotion
News Image/Daybreak Image/ Colts Image WISH Don Garner, Avid DS Editor
Crafts: Writer - News
Carl Monday - News Writer WKYC Carl Monday, Writer
Crafts: Writer - News
Man on the Run WJW Lorrie Taylor, Writer
Crafts: Writer - Non-News
For Gold and Glory WFYI Todd Gould, Writer, Producer
Crafts: Graphic Designer
WTHR News Graphic Design 2003 WTHR Janet Birkhead, Design Director
Kristina Burke, Designer
Todd Donaldson, Designer
Terry Ross, Designer
Jason Richards, Compositor
Brian Mulligan, Compositor
Steven Wolfe, Designer
Jeff Dutton, Design Producer
Crafts: Research
For Gold and Glory WFYI Todd Gould, Writer, Producer
Crafts: Audio
Ghanbari Composite WJW Ali Ghanbari, News Photographer Editor
Crafts: Lighting
For Gold and Glory WFYI Anthony Williams, Director of Photography
Crafts: Music Composition
For Gold and Glory WFYI Dr. David Baker, Composer
News Specials
The Storm Within WJW Wayne Dawson, Producer/Anchor
Herb Thomas, Producer/Videographer
John Telich, Producer/Reporter
Stacey Bell, Reporter
Jacque Smith, Reporter
Reality Check with Tattoo Gypsy WOIO

Tattoo Gypsy, Contributor
Stephen Doerr, Executive Producer
Rochelle M. Nowinski, Producer
John Potter, Photographer
Ron Abrahamsen, Photographer
Chris Kline, Editor
Entertainment Programs - Specials
Trouble No More: The Making of a John Mellencamp Album WTIU Ron Osgood, Producer/Director
Children/Youth Programs - Regularly Scheduled
Indiana Joni WTTV Joni Michels, Executive Producer/Host
Children/Youth Programs - Specials
Dinosaurs - Behind the Roar WJW Bill Martin, Host
Stacey Bell, Host
Andrea Fishman, Producer
Timothy Roskey, Photographer
Magazine Format Programs
Connections Ball State University Jill Siebert, Executive Producer
Public Affairs Programs - Regularly Scheduled
Hoy En Dia Indiana WTTV Lourdes Duarte, News Reporter/Host
Public Affairs Programs - Specials
Ahead of the Storm WXIN Emily Koschnick, Executive Producer
Interview Discussion Programs - Weekly or Less Often
Straight Talk with John Mellencamp WTHR Julia Moffitt, Reporter
Stephen Starnes, Photographer
Kyle Duell, Photographer
Karl Kroening, Photographer
Julie Cooley, Producer
Jason Richards, Editor
Cultural Affairs Program
For Gold and Glory


Todd Gould, Writer, Producer
David Tarr, Editor
Judi Border, Art Director
Special Programs
Ohio: 200 Years WVIZ/PBS Lawrence Hott, Co-Producer
Diane Garey, Co-Producer
Stephen C. George, Content Consultant
Betty Yopko Weibe, Content Consultant
Mark Smukler, Executive Producer
Feature/Entertainment Segments
Yak to Shaq Ball State University Jaron Henrie-McCrea, Producer
Feature/Entertainment Segments
Think of Music - The Sweet Life of Curley Myers WFYI Gary Harrison, Producer
Sports Event - Live Or Live On Tape
Cleveland Indians Baseball

Fox Sports Net

Douglas J. Johnson, Producer
Tom Farmer, Executive Producer
Robert A. Pennell, Director
Sports Programs - Regularly Scheduled
The Locker Room Classic Teleproductions Bill Boronkay, Producer
David Bacon, Producer
Michael Gerlica, Camera
Michael Bacon, Camera
Adrienne Burgess, Editor
Debra Bacon, Editor
Sports Programs - Specials
Cavaliers Warm-Up WOIO Joseph Ranyak, Executive Producer
David Rottman, Sports Anchor
You Can Be Anything You Want
Belltower Productions, Inc.
Stephen R. Campanella, Writer/Producer
Jason Tomaric, Director/Videographer
Community Service
Shattering the Silence WTHR Angela Cain, Community Affairs Director
Scott Swan, Anchor/Reporter
Young-Hee Yedinak, Special Projects Producer
Stephen Starnes, Photographer/Editor
Greg Goggans, Photographer/Editor
Brian Mulligan, Editor
Janet Birkhead, Design Director
Kristina Burke, Graphics Designer
Megan King, Assistant Community Affairs Director
Technical Achievement
NewsLink Indiana Ball State University Alice Cheney, General Manager, WIPB-TV
Terry Heifetz, Managing Editor
Timothy Pollard, Project Director
Tim Underhill, Production Manager
Jackson Faber, AIAArchitect
Station Promotion - Single Spot
Carl Monday POP WKYC Mac Mahaffee, Writer/Producer
On-Air Station Promotion - Campaign
Cleveland Guy Campaign


Robert Weske, Writer/Producer
Rob Boenau, Marketing Director
Chris Stabile, Co-Producer
On-Air Station Promotion - Station Created News Topicals
“Mr.” City Worker WJW Lisa March, Promotions Producer
Public Service Announcement
Figured You Might Want To Know
Kenneth Loechner, Producer
Anthony Kubek, Producer
Student Program
Connections Ball State University Jill Siebert, Executive Producer