2008 Emmy Winners

2008 Emmy® Award Winners
Title Production Company Member Name Program Credit
1.1 Outstanding Evening Newscast
Market 1-20
Channel 3 News At 7:00pm WKYC David Grendzynski Producer
1.2 Outstanding Evening Newscast
Market 21-40
Eyewitness News - Nightbeat WTHR Margaret Cordes Executive Producer
Duane Becker Producer
Brad McQueen Director
1.3 Outstanding Evening Newscast
Market 41+
NEWS 11 AT 5 WTOL Jason Matthews Producer
2.1 Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast
Market 1-20
Fox 8 News In The Morning WJW Marc Singer Executive Producer
Sonya Thompson News Director
Antoinette Garbo Managing Editor
Brian D. Torres Director
Wayne Dawson Anchor
Tracy McCool Anchor
Melissa Mack Meteorologist
Stacey Frey Kosich Reporter
Kenneth Crumpton Reporter
2.2 Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast
Market 21-40
Eyewitness News: Sunrise WTHR Judith Palermo Executive Producer
Cyndee Hebert Producer
2.3 Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast
Market 41+
13abc Action News Good Morning WTVG Anthony Knopps Assistant News Director
3.1 Outstanding Weekend Newscast
Market 1-20
Missing Pregnant Mom Found WKYC Carrie Young Producer
Lydia Esparra Anchor
Scott Newell Anchor
Julie Ocepek Assignment Editor
3.2 Outstanding Weekend Newscast
Market 21-40
Eyewitness News Weekend Nightbeat WTHR Margaret Cordes Executive Producer
Randy Shy Producer
Tony Giordullo Sports Executive Producer
3.3 Outstanding Weekend Newscast
Market 41+
Fox Toledo News Weekend WUPW Steven France News Director
4 Investigative Reporting
EMS Taxi: Healthcare Dysfunction On Wheels WJW Tom Merriman I-Team Reporter
David Hollis Photojournalist
Darsi Ayres Photojournalist
Greg Lockhart Photojournalist
5 Spot News
Little Iraq WJW David Bradford Videographer
Kathleen Cochrane Reporter
6 Breaking News
The Shooting At Success Tech WKYC Kimberly Wheeler Reporter
Danielle Fink Assignment Editor
Tim White Anchor
Monica Robins Anchor
David Grendzynski Producer
Lisa Lowry Assignment Manager
Allen Wohl Director
Romona Robinson Anchor
Dave Summers Reporter
Brandi Paulson Editor
Amanda Subler Producer
Maureen Kyle Reporter
Michael O'Mara Reporter
Rita Andolsen News Director
Tom Genovese Videographer
7 Feature News Report Within 24 Hours
Eliot Ness: Not Untouchable WKYC Paul Thomas Reporter
George Payamgis Photographer
Chris Mizell Editor
8 Feature News Series
Genius Of The Week WOIO/WUAB Marty Dechant Videographer
Barry Nestor Editor
Paul Orlousky Videographer
9 General Assignment
Within 24 Hours
Burglar Stuck WISH Daniel Miller Reporter
10 General Assignment
No Time Limit
Brandon McCloud: The Untold Story WJW Bill Sheil Reporter
11 Continuing Coverage
Caught In A Flash WEWS Duane Pohlman Chief Investigative Reporter
David H. Arnold Jr. Photographer
Dave Hatala Photographer
Matthew Spurrier Editor
12 Business/Consumer
Trashing Your Mortgage WTHR Bob Segall Reporter
William Ditton Photojournalist
Holly Stephen Executive Producer
13 Politics/Government
Single Story
Credit Threat WTHR Sandra Chapman Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photojournalist
William Ditton Photojournalist
14 Politics/Government
News Series
All Night Long WTHR Bob Segall Reporter
William Ditton Photojournalist
Holly Stephen Executive Producer
15 Arts/Entertainment Program
Doris O'Donnell's Cleveland - The Day Marilyn Died Storytellers Media Group, Ltd Mark Stone Producer & Editor
16 Arts/Entertainment Special
My 43 Backstage Pass: Burning River Girls WUAB Sarah Kotzman Producer
17 Children/Youth Program
Academic Challenge WEWS Phyllis Sossi Producer
Steve Kurrent Producer
Jason Nicholas Host
18 Children/Youth Special
Reading Rainbow WFYI Kyle Travers Producer
19 Health/Science
Single Story
Cellular Regeneration: The Science Of Regrowing Body Parts WJW Suzanne Stratford Reporter/ Producer
Darsi Ayres Videographer
Dave Peterson Editor
20 Health/Science
News Series
Hidden Hazards WISH Loni Smith McKown Producer
Karen Hensel Reporter
David Hodge Photographer
21 Health/Science
Program or Special
The Natural Heritage Of Indiana WFYI Samuel Orr Producer
22 Weather
News Weathercast
Forecast 8 WISH Angela Buchman Meteorologist
23 Weather
News Feature
February Snow Storm WRTV Jason Heath News Director
24 Sports
Single News Story
Field Of History WTHR Scott Allen Photojournalist
25 Sports
The Powers Pack WTVG Rob Powers Anchor/Producer
26 Sports - Program
Cavaliers LIVE FSN Ohio Lisa O'Leary Johnson Producer
Ron Glasenapp Associate Producer
Douglas Johnson Coordinating Producer
Tom Farmer Executive Producer
26.1 Sporting Event/Game Live/Unedited
Indians On Deck 8/22/2007 SportsTime Ohio Jim Murphy Producer
Al Pawlowski Talent
Michael Symonds Editor
Brian Anderson Talent
26.2 Sporting Event/Game Live/Unedited
FSN Ohio High School Football Game Of The Week FSN Ohio Carl Patterson Producer
Bob Pennell Director
Douglas Johnson Coordinating Producer
Tom Farmer Executive Producer
27 Sports - One Time Special
Make 'Em Forget Doodle Man Productions Leo Simone Producer
Scott Perlman Producer
28 Historic/Cultural Program or Special
Distant Memories WTHR Kevin Rader Reporter
Steve Rhodes Researcher
29 Societal Concerns
Single Story or News Series
Cashing In On Kindness WEWS Ronald Regan Investigative Reporter
Dorian Thompson Senior Investigative Producer
David H. Arnold Jr. Photographer
Matthew Spurrier Editor
30 Human Interest
Single Story or News Series
Fit For A King WTHR Kevin Rader Reporter
Steve Rhodes Editor
31 Informational/Instructional
Program or Series
Red Tail Reborn WNEO / Hemlock Films Adam White Producer
32 Interview Discussion
Programs/Series or Special
Words & Music Cuyahoga Community College Alan Gilbertson Producer/Director
33 Magazine Format Programs
Naked Santa WFYI James Simmons Producer
34 Magazine Format Programs
Program/Series or Special
Across Indiana WFYI James Simmons Producer
Aric Hartvig Producer
Christopher Elberfeld Videographer
Kaleb Giddens Videographer
35 Public/Current/Community Affairs
Don't Borrow Trouble Broadcast Media Ideas Richard Stewart Producer/Writer
Brandon Kroeger Director/Editor
36 Special Event Coverage
(other than News or Sports)
Interfaith Prayer Service With His Holiness The Dalai Lama WTIU Ron Prickel Producer
Phil Meyer Producer
37 Public Service Announcement
Single Spot or Campaign
Little River Weltands Project WFWA PBS Mary Scarbrough Producer/Director
38 Promotion - Single Spot
Rip Thy Neighbor WOIO Chris Stabile Producer
39 Promotion - Campaign
Carl Monday Launch WOIO Chris Stabile Producer
40 Promotion - Station Image
Music Campaign Spectrum Mike Roche VP, Marketing & New Media
Marc Battaglia Creative Director
41 Commercial
Positive Putter TAV Productions Alexander Mejia Director of Photography
Tony Prizevoits Producer/Director
42 Journalistic Enterprise
Bob Segall/13 Investigates WTHR Bob Segall Investigative Reporter/Producer
43 Community Service
NewsChannel 5 Troubleshooter WEWS Joseph Pagonakis Reporter
Melissa Watson Producer
Ted Kortan Photojournalist
Dennis Cassidy Editor
45 Crafts: Audio
Steve Rhodes-Audio WTHR Steve Rhodes Audio
46 Crafts: Music Composition/Arrangement
Red Tail Reborn WNEO / Hemlock Films Keith Nickoson Composer
47 Crafts: Research
Red Tail Reborn WNEO / Hemlock Films Adam White Researcher
48 Crafts: Director - Live to Tape
Academic Challenge WEWS Steve Kurrent Director
49 Crafts: Director - Newscast
Opening Kickoff WTHR Loretta Goode Director
50 Crafts: Director - Post Production
Make 'em Forget FSN Ohio and Doodleman Productions Leo Simone Director
51 Crafts: Editor - News
Steve Rhodes-Editor WTHR Steve Rhodes Editor
52 Crafts: Editor - Short Form
Chris Stabile Promotion Composite WOIO/WUAB Chris Stabile Editor
53 Crafts: Graphics/Animation - News
2007 WTHR HD News Design WTHR Janet Brown Design Director
Kristina Burke Senior Designer
Jason Richards Motion Graphics Designer
54 Crafts: Graphics/Animation - Non News
Cleveland Indians Baseball SportsTime Ohio Gregory Golya Designer/Animator
Joseph Von Enck Designer/Animator
Ian Zeigler Designer/Animator
Mike Pocta Chyron Technician
55 Crafts: Graphic Arts - Set Design
WISH Set WISH Scott Hainey Set Designer
Jeff Fuller Set Designer
Julie Cooley Set Designer
Jeff White Set Designer
57 Crafts: Lighting Location
Daybreak Testimonial WISH John Rekis Lighting Director
58 Crafts: Photographer - News
Steve Rhodes WTHR Steve Rhodes Photojournalist
59 Crafts: Photographer - Program
The Natural Heritage Of Indiana WFYI Samuel Orr Videographer
60 Crafts: Writer - News
Tom Merriman Composite WJW Tom Merriman Writer
61 Crafts: Writer - Program
Dancing Shadows WFYI James Simmons Writer
63 Crafts: On-Camera Talent
Anchor - News
Andrea Morehead, Anchor WTHR Andrea Morehead News Anchor
64 Crafts: On-Camera Talent
Anchor - Weather
Jude Redfield Composite WTHR Jude Redfield Meteorologist
65 Crafts: On-Camera Talent
Anchor - Sports
13abc Action Sports WTVG Rob Powers Anchor
66 Crafts: On Camera Talent
In The Furst Place WRTV Dave Furst Sports Director
67 Crafts: On Camera Talent
Tom Merriman Composite WJW Tom Merriman I-Team Reporter
68 Student Program
NewsWatch: Letterman Building Comcast Cable Sean O'Key News Director
Benjamin Goldenberg Producer