2011 Emmy Winners

2011 Emmy® Award Winners
Title Production Company Member Name Program Credit
1 Newscast - Evening - Market 1-20
NewsChannel 5 Live on Five WEWS Melissa Watson Executive Producer
2 Newscast - Evening - Market 21-40
Flash Flood Evacuations - Eyewitness News at 5 WTHR Jeff Benscoter Asst News Director
Tracie Hotopp Producer
3 Newscast - Evening - Market 41+
13abc Action News at 11 WTVG Astrid Greve Producer/Executive Producer
3 Newscast - Evening - Market 41+
Souder Resigns - First at Five WANE Ted Linn News Director
4 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 1-20
Good Morning Cleveland 6am WEWS Kelly Hainer Executive Producer
Colin McDermott Producer
5 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 21-40
Daybreak - June Washout WISH Chris Wilson News Producer
Joy Marie Dumandan Anchor
Scott Sander Anchor/Reporter
5 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 21-40
6News at Noon WRTV Susan Batt Producer
6 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 41+
WTOL-Your Morning 5AM WTOL Jill Rood Producer
7 Weekend Newscast - Market 1-20
FOX-8 News at 6:00 PM - Weekend WJW Nicholas Kovach Producer
Suzanne Stratford News Reporter-Anchor
Amy Basista-Bishop Reporter
Autumn McKenzie Reporter
Bryan Gruden Assignment Editor
Ali Ghanbari Photojournalist
David Nethers Reporter
8 Weekend Newscast - Market 21-40
11:00 pm - Downtown Shooting Spree WISH TV Bret Loman News Producer
9 Weekend Newscast - Market 41+
13 abc Action News Weekend WTVG William Hormann Field Anchor/Producer
Jordan Waniewski Senior Producer
10 General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours
Hero Next Door WOIO Joy Benedict Reporter
11 General Assignment Report - No Time LImit
"License To Steal" WEWS Ronald Regan Chief Investigative Reporter
David Arnold News Photographer
12 Breaking News
Breaking News WXIN Kjerstin Ramsing Reporter
Lee Rosenthal News Director
13 Team Coverage
December Earthquake WRTV Sheldon Ripson News Director
14 Spot News
Mamma Said He Deserved to Die WEWS Maurielle Lue REPORTER
15 Continuing Coverage
Police Battle Over Concessions WTVG William Hormann Reporter/Producer
16 Investigative Report - Single Story
Behind the Signs WISH Karen Hensel Anchor/Reporter
17 Investigative Report - Series
Reality Check: Where are the jobs? WTHR Bob Segall Investigative Reporter
William Ditton Photographer-editor
Cyndee Hebert Investigative Producer
18 Feature News - Report
Jet Car Paul WTHR Kevin Rader Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photographer
19 Feature News – Series
Eyewitness To Vancouver WTHR Scott Swan Anchor
Steve Rhodes Photographer
20 News Special
You Decide 2010 WJW Andy Fishman Executive Producer
Tracy McCool Anchor/Reporter
Stefani Schaefer Anchor/Reporter
Wayne Dawson Anchor/Reporter
Jeramy Rosenberg Editor
21 Arts/Entertainment
Harp Dreams WTIU Steve Krahnke Director of National Production
Susanne Schwibs Producer/Director
22 Business/Consumer
Batty Business WTHR Jeremy Brilliant Reporter
Greg Wilkerson Photographer
23 Children/Youth Program/Special (12 and under)
Indiana Expeditions: Green Science WFYI Rick Crosslin Executive Producer
Aric Hartvig Producer/Correspondent
Brian Paul Freelancer
24 Health/Science - Single Story
"Ambulance Rides To Nowhere" WEWS Ronald Regan Chief Investigative Reporter
David Hatala News Photographer
25 Health/Science - News Series
Lead in Your Dishes WTHR Bob Segall Reporter
William Ditton Photographer-editor
26 Health/Science - Program or Special
Indiana Expeditions: Electricity WFYI Rick Crosslin Executive Producer
Aric Hartvig Producer/Correspondent
Brian Paul Freelancer
27 Historical/Cultural Program or Special
Together in Peace: The Glick Peace Walk WFYI Kim Jacobs Producer
Pete Saetre Video Editor
Christopher Elberfeld Videographer
28 Human Interest
Commute Curiosity WTHR Scott Swan Anchor
Steve Rhodes Photographer
29 Military: News Single Story/News Series/Feature or Segment
"Benefits Denied..Benefits Restored" WTHR Sandra Chapman Reporter
30 Politics/Government
Government Waste Reports WOIO Carl Monday Reporter
31 Societal Concerns
A Fighting Chance WTHR Scott Swan Reporter
John Duong Photographer
31 Societal Concerns
Behind The Badge WTOL Chrys Peterson Anchor/Reporter
32 Sports - Single News Story
Mylan Woods WKYC Lynn Olszowy Reporter / Photographer / Editor
33 Sports - Sportscast
College Football's Opening Weekend WTVG Joe Nugent Sports Anchor
34 Sports - Program
Big Board Friday WTOL Dan Cummins Sports Director
35 Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited
OHSAA Div. I Football Championship SportsTime Ohio Mike Bachmann Producer
Steve Warren Coordinating Producer
36 Sports - One-Time Special
STO Par 3 Shootout SportsTime Ohio Dean Cummings Coordinating Producer
Patrick Kilkenney Executive Producer
Michael Atkinson Senior Producer
John Zaccardelli Senior Editor
Jim Donovan On-Air Talent
Jimmy Hanlin On-Air Talent
Doug Cooper Editor
37 Teen Program/Special (13 and up)
Academic Challenge WEWS Steve Kurrent Producer/Director
Berry Pinney Director of Operations
JASON NICHOLAS Meteorologist
38 Weather - News Weathercast
Tornado Outbreak WTVG Bill Spencer Meteorologist
39 Weather - News Feature
Into The Vortex WTHR Jude Redfield Meteorologist
Jim Hall Photographer
40 Documentary
A Ripple of Hope Covenant Productions Mark Dawson Producer/Director
Donald Boggs General Manager
41 Informational/Instructional - Program/Series or Special
PlayhouseSquare: Our Story Think Media Studios Brian Glazen Producer
Geoff Yaw Creative Director/Producer
Keith Potoczak Lead Editor
Steve Citerin Assistant Director of Marketing
42 Interview/Discussion - Program/Series or Special
"Backstage With" composite: Tim Conway, John Lithgow, & Patty Heaton WVIZ/PBS ideastream Mark Rosenberger Producer
Scott Simon Host
Michael Vendeland Producer
Katie Baker Assistant Producer
Colleen Porter Director of Education and Community Engagement
43 Magazine Program - Feature Segment
Janet Macoska Cuyahoga Community College Richard Buchanan Editor/Producer
Michael Donato Writer/Producer
Maryanne Hamill Motion Graphic Artist
Michael Kell Videographer
44 Magazine Program - Program/Series or Special
Olympic Zone WTHR Scott Swan Anchor
Steve Rhodes Photographer
45 Nostalgia Program - Program/Special/Series
Full Circle: The Life and times of Edgar Whitcomb WFYI Bryan Boyd Producer
Pete Saetre Video Editor
46 Public/Current/Community Affairs
Tough Decisions: Defending the Homeland WFYI Todd Gould Producer
Aric Hartvig Producer/Correspondent
46 Public/Current/Community Affairs
Warrant Unit Maple Heights Special (episode 33) Pinpoint Media Christopher Rech Executive Producer
Brandon Kimber Editor
Samuel Ramirez Music Director
Michael Gagliardi Producer/Editor
Joseph Eberling Editor
47 Special Event Coverage (other than news or sports)
The Search for the Face of MyINDY-TV WNDY Janine Garner Assistant Promotion Manager
48 Community/Public Service (PSA) - Single Spot or Campaign
Imagine - STEM careers WVIZ/PBS ideastream Mark Rosenberger Producer
Jeff Haynes Designer, Editor, Producer
49 Promotion News Promo - Single Spot/Campaign
Sold for Slaughter WTHR Kerry Williams Senior Promotion Producer
50 Promotion News Promo - Image
Indiana's Weather Leader WTHR Kerry Williams Senior Promotion Producer
51 Promotion - Program Single Spot/Campaign
Comedy Classics WNDY Audra Collie Senior Promotions Producer
Don Garner Senior Editor
52 Promotion - Program Sports
Cleveland Cavaliers-2011 Game Open Think Media Studios Brian Glazen Producer
Ryan Hardy Lead Designer
Keith Potoczak Lead Editor
54 Commercial
Your Downtown Muncie: MITS Ball State University Andrew Bissonnette Lens Specialist
Joseph Vella Director of Photography
Chase Skiles Director
55 Community Service
Warrant Unit, Success Story Special Pinpoint Media Christopher Rech Executive Producer
Brandon Kimber Director/Editor
Michael Gagliardi Producer/Editor
Bruce Kehres Field Producer
Ralph McGreevy Executive Producer
Bob Frantz Host
56 Journalistic Enterprise
Bob Segall / 13 Investigates WTHR Bob Segall Investigative Reporter
57 Crafts: Audio
"Sculpting The Wind: Alexa King & The Making of the Barbaro Memorial Statue" Ball State University Stan Sollars Post Audio Mixing Engineer
58 Crafts: Musical Composition/Arrangement
Harp Dreams WTIU Cary Boyce Artistic Director
59 Crafts: Research
John Wooden: The Indiana Story The Indianapolis Star/IndyStar.com Ted Green Researcher
60 Crafts: Director - LIve or Live to Tape
Academic Challenge WEWS Steve Kurrent Producer/Director
61 Crafts: Director - Newscast
NewsChannel 5 at 6pm WEWS Steve Kurrent Director
62 Crafts: Director - Post Production
Sculpting the Wind: Alexa King & the Making of the Barbaro Memorial Statue Ball State University Allison Pareis Director
63 Crafts: Technical Director
NOON NEWS 1-23-10 WTHR JAMES WALTON Technical Director
64 Crafts: Editor - Program
Harp Dreams WTIU Susanne Schwibs Editor
65 Crafts: Editor - Short Form (Promos, PSAs, Commercials, Opens, etc.)
Sarah Kotzman - Editor WOIO/WUAB Sarah Kotzman Editor
66 Crafts: Editor - News/Sports
Steve Rhodes Edit Composite WTHR Steve Rhodes editor
67 Crafts: Graphics/Animation
2010 WTHR Graphic Design WTHR Janet Brown Design Director
Kris Burke Senior Graphic Designer
Jason Richards Motion Graphics Designer
Terry Ross Graphic Designer
Steve Wolfe Graphics Designer
69 Crafts: Lighting - Studio
Hidden Treasures Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry Sarah Brannan Lighting
Kyle Fobe Lighting
Haley Kotnik Lighting
70 Crafts: Lighting - Location
Blowin' Smoke SportsTime Ohio Steve Pullen Director of Photography
71 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor News
Scott Sander WISH Scott Sander Anchor
72 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Weather
Chris Wright's Weather WTHR Chris Wright Chief Meteorologist
73 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Sports
Dave Furst Sports WRTV Dave Furst Sports Director
74 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Reporter
"Ron Regan Composite" WEWS Ronald Regan Chief Investigative Reporter
75 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Performer/Host/Narrator
Zuri Hall WNDY Zuri Hall Host
76 Crafts: Photographer - News
Eyewitness to Vancouver Video Composite WTHR Steve Rhodes Photographer
77 Crafts: Photographer - Non-News
Your Downtown Muncie Ball State University Joseph Vella Director of Photography
77 Crafts: Photographer - Non-News
Capturing Key Sports Moments WTVG Joe Nugent Sports Photographer
78 Crafts: Video Journalist
"Against All Odds" WEWS Alicia Booth Health Reporter
79 Crafts: Technical Achievement
Thinking Small WTHR Scott Swan Anchor
Steve Rhodes Photographer
80 Crafts: Writer - Commentary/Editorial
Thoughts from Under the Hat WSEE Scott Bremner Managing Editor
81 Crafts: Writer - Program
Fighting Fat WVIZ/PBS ideastream Kay Colby Writer
82 Crafts: Writer - Short Form
Fans For Life SportsTime Ohio Michael Roche Writer
83 Crafts: Writer - News
Brad Edwards WISH Brad Edwards Writer
84 Student Production
Akron After Hours Z-TV Phil Hoffman Instructor
Mikhail Delinois Editor
Sarah Kotila Segment Producer
Michael Boyle Segment Producer
Brian Dotin Segment Producer
Troy Eison Segment Producer
Ryan Keeper Student
David Tavolier Segment Producer
Cory Boyle Student
Caitlin Madill Student
jason Miller Student
Trista White Student