2012 Emmy Winners

2012 Emmy® Award Winners
Title Production Company Member Name Program Credit
1 Newscast - Evening - Market 1-20
19 Action News @ 11pm WOIO Daniel Brown Producer
2 Newscast - Evening - Market 21-40
Bedford Tornado 6pm WISH Karen Hensel Field Anchor
Eric Halvorson Anchor
Debby Knox Anchor
3 Newscast - Evening - Market 41+
News 11 at 6 WTOL Kristie Bihn Producer
4 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 1-20
19 Action News This Morning WOIO John Bindas Producer
5 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 21-40
School Shooting Noon News WISH Dawn Clapperton Producer
Deanna Dewberry Anchor
David Barras Anchor
6 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 41+
News 11 Your Morning WTOL Jill Rood Producer
7 Weekend Newscast - Market 1-20
NewsChannel 5 at 11:00 Weekend WEWS Tracy Carloss Anchor
Sara Roth Producer
8 Weekend Newscast - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News Nightbeat: State Fair Stage Collapse WTHR Toby Capion Producer
Mike Wilhite Senior Producer
Judith Palermo Executive Producer
9 Weekend Newscast - Market 41+
13abc Action News Weekend WTVG Bill Hormann Anchor
Elise DeCola Producer
10 General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours (2)
The Odyssey Ends WTHR David MacAnally Reporter
10 General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours (2)
Picking Up the Pieces WRTV Tom Triol Photographer
Joanna Massee Reporter
11 General Assignment Report - No Time Limit
Head Start Misspending WKYC Tom Meyer Reporter
Sarah Bachmann Editor
Jessie Eck Graphics
12 Breaking News
10 Hours of Severe Weather WISH Patti McGettigan News Director
Steve Bray Chief Meteorologist
13 Team Coverage
Severe Weather Coverage WISH Amy Howell Field Producer
14 Spot News
Keystone Tower Implosion WISH Dawn Clapperton Executive Producer
Jay Hermacinski Reporter
Brett Bensley Photojournalist
15 Continuing Coverage
Hidden Hazards WKYC Tom Meyer Reporter
Sarah Bachmann Editor
Jessie Eck Graphic Production Artist
16 Investigative Report - Single Story
Busted in Byrdstown WTHR Sandra Chapman Investigative Reporter
William Ditton Photographer-Editor
17 Investigative Report - Series
Metrohealth Abuse WKYC Tom Meyer Reporter
Sarah Bachmann Editor
18 Feature News - Report
Signature in the Sand WTHR Scott Swan Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photographer
19 Feature News - Series
The Exclusives WTHR Scott Swan Reporter
Steve Rhodes Reporter
20 News Special
Tom Carnegie: The Voice Remembered WRTV Dave Furst Sports Director
Kurt Swadener News Operations Manager
21 Arts/Entertainment
Fox59: Places You Can't Go But We Did WXIN Robert Donaldson Reporter
Robert Ardaiolo Photographer
Ray Cortopassi Reporter
Sherman Burdette Reporter
Steve Hadt Producer
22 Business/Consumer
Crispiest Ride in Town WTHR Scott Swan Reporter
Steve Rhodes Field Producer
23 Children/Youth Program/Special (12 and under)
The Friday Zone: Unique Sports WTIU Phil Meyer Executive Producer
Bridget Siebert Producer
24 Health/Science - Single Story
The Pre-Teen Vaccine WISH Deanna Dewberry Reporter
25 Health/Science - News Series
The Little Red Door WXIN David Grove Photographer/Editor
Jenny Anchondo Reporter/Writer
26 Health/Science - Program or Special
Seeing Stars in Indiana WIPB Kevin Grazioli Producer
Andrew Bissonnette Camera
Grant Keller Editor
Joseph Vella Lead Camera
Derek Cox Camera
27 Historical/Cultural Program or Special (2)
First In - Last Out: A History of Fighting Fire in Indianapolis WFYI Bryan Boyd Producer/Director
Jim Major Co Producer
Joel Harsin Co Producer
27 Historical/Cultural Program or Special (2)
Dream Deferred: The Legacy of Busing WEWS Hollie Brubaker Video Editor
28 Human Interest
Paying it Forward WXIN Sherman Burdette Reporter-Writer
Robert Ardaiolo Photographer/Editor
29 Military: News Single Story/News Series/Feature or Segment
Operation Deep Freeze WEWS Melissa Watson Executive Producer
Ron Regan Chief Investigator
David Arnold News Photographer
David Hatala News Photographer
Robert Gardner Senior Editor
30 Politics/Government
Senator Smith Home WKYC Tom Meyer Reporter
31 Societal Concerns
Over the Counter, Under the Radar WISH Dawn Clapperton Executive Producer
Karen Hensel Investigative Reporter
Troy Kehoe Investigative Reporter
Douglas Moon Editor
David Hodge Photographer
32 Sports - Single News Story
An Iron Will: The Gregory Iron Story WOIO Chris Van Vliet Reporter
33 Sports - Sportscast
Trackside 6 WRTV Dave Furst Anchor/Producer
34 Sports - Program
Friday Night Touchdown 2011 WJW Nicholas Kovach Show Producer
Sonya Thompson News Director
John Telich Sports Reporter
Allie LaForce Host
Marc Singer Executive Producer
Bryan Gruden Assignment Editor
Kristi Capel Sports Reporter
Dan Jovic Sports Reporter
35 Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited
High School Football Game of the Week Fox Sports Ohio Jeff Platz Producer
Bob Pennell Director
Tom Farmer VP - Executive Producer
36 Sports - One-Time Special
Century of Speed WRTV Dave Furst Sports Director
Brady Gibson Executive Producer
37 Teen Program/Special (13 and up)
The Power Of Children WISH/WNDY Tina Cosby Producer/Reporter
38 Weather - News Weathercast
In the Middle of an Ice Storm WISH Steve Bray Chief Meteorologist
Angela Buchman Meteorologist
39 Weather - News Feature
State Fair Stage Collapse Weather WISH Deanna Dewberry Reporter
Steve Bray Chief Meteorologist
40 Documentary
All For One - The History of Cleveland Clinic Telos Productions Thomas Ball Director
41 Informational/Instructional - Program/Series or Special
NASA Now NASA Explorer Schools Terry D. Peterson Producer/Director
42 Interview/Discussion - Program/Series or Special
Words & Music Cuyahoga Community College Alan Gilbertson Producer/Director/Editor
Tommy Wiggins Host/Talent Coordinator
43 Magazine Program - Feature Segment
Crime Stoppers Case Files: Isaac Hardges Pinpoint Media Christopher Rech Executive Producer
Brandon Kimber Director
Michael Gagliardi Producer
Ryan Lohr Editor
Andrew Jurcak Director of Photography
Matthew Howard Graphics Supervisor
Ray Szuch Stunt Coordinator
44 Magazine Program - Program/Series or Special
Crime Stoppers Case files: Harun Frizell & John Lundy Pinpoint Media Christopher Rech Executive Producer
Brandon Kimber Director
Michael Gagliardi Producer
Ryan Lohr Editor
Andrew Jurcak Director of Photography
Ray Szuch Stunt Coordinator
Matthew Howard Graphics Supervisor
Isiah Hodge Actor
45 Nostalgia Program - Program/Special/Series
Indy in the '60s WFYI James Simmons Producer
Gary Quigg Segment Producer
Ted Green Segment Producer
Gary Weir Segment Producer
Bradley Hoehner Editor
Kevin Finch Segment Producer
46 Public/Current/Community Affairs
Self Sacrifice: A Son, A Soldier, A Suicide WFYI Gary Harrison Producer
Judy O'Bannon Co-Producer
47 Special Event Coverage
The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: Urbanski Returns WFYI Brian Paul Producer
Peter Kaiser Director
48 Community/Public Service (PSA) - Single Spot or Campaign
Muncie Gives, Muncie Lives Pride Campaign Muncie Chamber of Commerce Andrew Bissonnette Producer/Director
Joseph Vella Producer/Director
49 Promotion News Promo - Single Spot/Campaign
WXIN AM News Fridge Promo WXIN WTTV Ryan Wing Motion Graphic Artist
Robin Breeden Writer
Shelby Simpson Producer
Andrew Witham Executive Producer
50 Promotion News Promo - Image
WXIN Sundial WXIN Ryan Wing Associate Producer
Andrew Witham Producer
51 Promotion - Program Single Spot/Campaign
Wings Over Indiana WFYI Aric Hartvig Producer
Joseph Martin Music Composer
52 Promotion - Program Sports
Friday Football Frenzy WRTV Steve Brenneman Producer/Photographer
53 Promotion - Program Image
STO Remembers SportsTime Ohio Michael Roche VP Marketing/New Media
Ty Towriss Producer
Pat Kenny Editor
Tim Earl Associate Producer
Mitch Greenberg Associate Producer
Keith Feicks Associate Producer
Scott Spicer Associate Producer
54 Commercial
More Than Ink The Plain Dealer Dale Omori Producer
Andrea Levy Producer
55 Community Service
Crime Stoppers Case Files: Senior Citizen Special Pinpoint Media Christopher Rech Executive Producer
Brandon Kimber Director
Michael Gagliardi Producer
Matthew Howard Graphics Supervisor
Andrew Jurcak Director of Photography
Ryan Lohr Editor
Ray Szuch Stunt Coordinator
56 Journalistic Enterprise
Bob Segall / 13 Investigates WTHR Bob Segall Producer
57 Crafts: Audio (2)
Craft: Audio. Musical Threads-Expressions of a People WFYI Cedric Freeman Audio Engineer
57 Crafts: Audio (2)
Power of Music WTHR Steve Rhodes Audio
58 Crafts: Musical Composition/Arrangement (2)
Black Baseball in Indiana Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry Brent Allred Composer/Arranger
58 Crafts: Musical Composition/Arrangement (2)
Crime Stoppers Case Files Pinpoint Media Samuel Ramirez Music Director
59 Crafts: Research (2)
Risky Call WTHR Sandra Chapman Researcher
59 Crafts: Research (2)
Indy Airport Execs Seeing the World On Your Dime WXIN Anne Yeager Researcher
60 Crafts: Director - Live or Live to Tape
Cleveland Indians Baseball SportsTime Ohio Patrick Murray Director
62 Crafts: Director - Post Production
Seeing Stars In Indiana WIPB Kevin Grazioli Director
63 Crafts: Technical Director
Winter Storm Coverage WTHR James Walton Technical Director
64 Crafts: Editor - Program
First In - Last Out: A History of Fighting Fire in Indianapolis WFYI Bryan Boyd Editor
65 Crafts: Editor - Short Form
The Ball Cleveland Indians Eric Hewitt Editor
66 Crafts: Editor - News/Sports
Edit Composite WTHR Steve Rhodes Editor
67 Crafts: Graphics/Animation
2011 WTHR Graphic Design WTHR Janet Brown Art Direction/Designer
Kris Burke Graphic Designer
Jason Richards Graphic Designer
Terry Ross Graphic Designer
Steve Wolfe Graphic Designer
68 Crafts: Graphic Arts - Set Design
SportsTime Ohio Hyundai Studio SportsTime Ohio Greg Golya Creative Director
Ian Zeigler Designer
Joseph Von Enck Designer/Animator
Dave Brooks Scenic Construction Manager
70 Crafts: Lighting - Location
Lighting Composition Ball State University Joseph Vella Lighting Director
71 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor News (2)
Scott Sander Composite WISH Scott Sander Anchor
71 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor News (2)
Bill Hormann, Anchor WTVG Bill Hormann Anchor
72 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Weather
Wacky Ohio Weather WTVG Bill Spencer Weather Anchor
73 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Sports
Dave Holmes WTVG David Holmes Sports Anchor
74 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Reporter
Ron Regan Compilation WEWS Ron Regan Chief Investigative Reporter
75 Crafts: On Camera Talent - Performer/Host/Narrator
Chris Van Vliet WOIO Chris Van Vliet Talent
76 Crafts: Photographer - News
Video Composite WTHR Steve Rhodes Photographer
77 Crafts: Photographer - Non-News (2)
Photography Composition Ball State University Joseph Vella Director of Photography
77 Crafts: Photographer - Non-News (2)
Artistic Choice WVIZ/PBS ideastream David Staruch Photographer
78 Crafts: Video Essay
Walking With Unknowns WJW Ali Ghanbari Producer
79 Crafts: Video Journalist
Huron Hospital Closing WEWS David Arnold Video Journalist
80 Crafts: Technical Achievement
The Restorers - They Were All Volunteers Hemlock Films Adam White Director
Kara Martinelli Producer
81 Crafts: Writer - Commentary/Editorial
Thoughts from Under the Hat WSEE Scott Bremner Writer/Presenter
82 Crafts: Writer - Program
The Restorers - They Were All Volunteers Hemlock Films Adam White Writer
Kara Martinelli Writer
83 Crafts: Writer - Short Form
The Ball Cleveland Indians Sanaa Julien Writer
Justin White Writer
Eric Hewitt Writer
Nick Gambone Writer
84 Crafts: Writer - News
Kevin Rader WTHR Kevin Rader Writer
85 College/University Student Production
Of Another Time Taylor University John Bruner Faculty Member
Kathy Bruner Executive Producer
Eric Nystrom Director
Chase Moore Producer
Nicole Klotz Editor