2014 Emmy Winners

2014 Emmy® Winners
Title Production Company Member Name Program Credit
Newscast - Evening - Market 1-20 [CATEGORY NUMBER 1]
Channel 3 News at 11 WKYC
Russ MitchellAnchor
Sara ShookmanReporter
Lynna LaiReporter
A J RossReporter
Frank MacekDirector
Kris PickelAnchor
Tom MeyerReporter
Jennifer JordanExecutive Producer
Kim WendelWeb Reporter
Newscast - Evening - Market 21-40 [CATEGORY NUMBER 2]
After the storm WISH
Leslie WellsProducer
Newscast - Evening - Market 41+ [CATEGORY NUMBER 3]
Fox News at 10 WUPW
Katrina HelmerProducer
Emilie VossField Anchor
Jerry AndersonAnchor
Chrys PetersonAnchor
Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 1-20 [CATEGORY NUMBER 4]
Channel 3 News Today WKYC
Jennifer NickelsExecutive Producer
Matthew GraniteProducer
Erin KennedyAnchor
Mark BogdenDirector
Brooke WhitneyProducer
Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 21-40 [CATEGORY NUMBER 5]
Eyewitness News at Noon - Teen Crime Spree WTHR
Bobbie BrooksProducer
Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 41+ [CATEGORY NUMBER 6]
WTOL News at 5 WTOL
Jason MatthewsProducer
Mike HnatiakDirector
Chrys PetersonAnchor
Jerry AndersonAnchor
Emilie VossAnchor
Weekend Newscast - Market 1-20 [CATEGORY NUMBER 7]
Newschannel 5 Sunday at 11 WEWS
Tracy CarlossAnchor
Michael CairnsWeekend Sports Anchor
Colin McDermottWeekend producer
Weekend Newscast - Market 21-40 [CATEGORY NUMBER 8]
Bus Crash 11pm WRTV
Kathryn OakleyProducer
Brady GibsonExecutive Producer
Drew SmithAnchor
Rafael SanchezReporter
Weekend Newscast - Market 41+ [CATEGORY NUMBER 9]
13abc Action News Weekend WTVG
William HormannAnchor
Heather AnutaProducer
Geoff CornishMeteorologist
Sanaa OrraReporter
Jaclyn Maassel- RoachChief Video Editor
Jonathan MondelliDirector
General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours [CATEGORY NUMBER 10]
50 Feet WTHR
John DuongEditor
Mary MilzReporter
General Assignment Report - No Time LImit [CATEGORY NUMBER 11]
Maximum Security Quilting WTHR
Jeremy BrilliantReporter
Ryan ThedwallEditor
Bad Bus Drivers WEWS
Sarah BudusonInvestigative Reporter
Breaking News [CATEGORY NUMBER 12]
Miracle In Cleveland WKYC
Russ MitchellAnchor
Lisa LowryAssignment Manager
Lynna LaiReporter
Kris PickelAnchor
Grant deBruinProducer
Tom MeyerReporter
Jennifer JordanExecutive Producer
Jennifer LindgrenReporter
Danielle SillsProducer
Kim WendelWeb Reporter
Smoke for Miles: Belmont Fire WTHR
John DuongPhotographer
Ryan ThedwallPhotographer
Joel ClausenPhotographer
Benjamin ReiffPhotographer
Matt WhisnerPhotographer
Carrie ClineReporter
Jennifer CarmackReporter
Sarah MooreExecutive Producer
Benjamin MolinAssignment Editor
Continuing Coverage [CATEGORY NUMBER 14]
Castro Exclusives WKYC
Tom MeyerReporter
Continuing Coverage: The Baby Elaina Story WTVG
Kristen FofrichProducer
Investigative Report - Single Story [CATEGORY NUMBER 15]
Goodwill Undercover WTHR
Bob SegallInvestigative Reporter
William DittonPhotojournalist
Cyndee HebertInvestigative Producer
Susan BattInvestigative Producer
Investigative Report - Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 16]
Following the Money: Indiana Storm Sausage WTHR
Bob SegallInvestigative Reporter
Cyndee HebertInvestigative Producer
William DittonPhotojournalist
Feature News - Report [CATEGORY NUMBER 17]
Word of the Year WTHR
Jeremy BrilliantReporter
Steve RhodesProducer
Feature News - Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 18]
I Survived... WTHR
John DuongProducer
Jennie RunevitchReporter
News Special [CATEGORY NUMBER 19]
FBI Probe of Pilot Flying J WEWS
Melissa WatsonExecutive Producer
Ron ReganInvestigative Reporter
Sarah BudusonInvestigative Reporter
Robert GardnerEditor
Ted KortanMulti-media Journalist
Gary AbrahamsenPhotographer
Joe PagonakisReporter
Richmond Hill Road To Recovery WRTV
Rafael SanchezAnchor/Producer
Paul ChiodoPhotographer/ Editor
Jason ScheuerPhotographer/ Editor
Blake BrennemanProgram Editor
Steve BrennemanProgram Photographer
Arts/Entertainment [CATEGORY NUMBER 20]
Elizabeth MyerProducer
Matthew BoultonCo-Producer
Bradley HoehnerEditor
Andrew WarrenDirector of Photography
Business/Consumer - Single Story/Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 21]
Recall Under Fire WTHR
Bob SegallInvestigative Reporter
Susan BattInvestigative Producer
Scott AllenPhotojournalist
Children/Youth Program/Special (12 and under) [CATEGORY NUMBER 22]
Artrageous with Nate: Splat Artrageous with Nate
Nate HeckExecutive Producer/Writer
Crime - News Single Story/Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 23]
Exhuming A Mystery WXIN
Ray CortopassiReporter
James SuiterPhotographer/ Editor
Health/Science - Single Story [CATEGORY NUMBER 24]
Life Code: The Future of Personalized Medicine WXIN
Fanchon KaczmarekReporter/Anchor
Health/Science - News Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 25]
Caring for Canyon WTHR
Sandra ChapmanReporter
William DittonPhotographer
Benjamin ReiffPhotographer
Health/Science - Program or Special [CATEGORY NUMBER 26]
Be Well: Young & Obese Composite WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Kay ColbyProducer
Lauren WilsonAssociate Producer
Historical/Cultural Program or Special [CATEGORY NUMBER 27]
When Every River Turned Against Us: Lessons from the great 1913 Flood WFYI
Gary HarrisonProducer/Writer/Editor
Human Interest - Single Story/Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 28]
Nowhere Man WXIN
Robert DonaldsonReporter
Military: Single Story/Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 29]
Hoosier Heroes: Home From War WXIN
Daniel SpehlerReporter
Gregory DunnPhotographer/ Editor
Ryan MinnaughAssistant News Director
Kerri CavanaughNews Director
Mortal Wounds: Military Sexual Assault Survivors WXIN
Walt MaciborskiReporter
Politics/Government - Single Story/Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 30]
Lawmakers Living Large WKYC
Tom MeyerReporter
Empty Garage Empty Promises WRTV
Kara KenneyReporter
Jason ScheuerPhotographer/ Editor
Societal Concerns - Single Story/Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 31]
Dangerous Cleveland WKYC
Kris PickelReporter
Sarah BachmannEditor
Eye In The Sky WTHR
Rich Van WykReporter
Steve RhodesPhotographer
Sports - Single News Story [CATEGORY NUMBER 32]
Ryu's on First WTVG
David HolmesProducer
Sports - Sportscast [CATEGORY NUMBER 33]
Eyewitness Sports - Operation Football WTHR
Dave CalabroSports Anchor
Sports - Program [CATEGORY NUMBER 34]
Indians Live Pre-Game 9/25/13 SportsTime Ohio
Steve WarrenCoordinating Producer
Mike BachmannProducer
Patrick MurrayDirector
Mark KohaVideographer/ Editor
Countdown to Kickoff WISH
Anthony CalhounAnchor
Philip NardielloProducer
Sports - One-Time Special [CATEGORY NUMBER 35]
Road to Victory-2013 Time Warner Cable SportsChannel
Jason PheisterExecutive Producer
Vince JonesExecutive Producer
Alison MomeyerExecutive Producer
Rick DavisDirector of Photography
Sam WebbEditor
Bryan LevinLead Cameraman
Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited [CATEGORY NUMBER 36]
NBA - Cavaliers Basketball Fox Sports Ohio
Brent ValentiProducer
Daniel SevicDirector
Fred McLeodPlay by Play Announcer
Steve WarrenCoordinating Producer
Allie CliftonSideline Reporter
Austin CarrColor Analyst
Teen Program/Special (13 and up) [CATEGORY NUMBER 37]
Academic Challenge WEWS
Steve KurrentProducer
Berry PinneyExecutive Producer
Jason NicholasHost
Weather - News Weathercast [CATEGORY NUMBER 38]
19 Action News Weathercast - Tornado Warning WOIO
Jeff TanchakChief Meteorologist
Weather - News Feature [CATEGORY NUMBER 39]
Palm Sunday Snow Storm WTHR
Chris WrightChief Meteorologist
Documentary [CATEGORY NUMBER 40]
Undefeated: The Roger Brown Story WFYI
Ted GreenProducer
Pete SaetreAssociate Producer
Informational/Instructional - Program/Series or Special [CATEGORY NUMBER 41]
Quest: Battling the Bloom WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Mary FecteauProducer
Anne GlausserProducer
Mark SmuklerExecutive Producer
Interview/Discussion - Program/Series or Special [CATEGORY NUMBER 42]
Big Business of Craft Beer Inside INdiana Business
Gerry DickHost
Tracy ChenProducer
Lauryn GrayAssociate Producer
Lifestyle Program - Feature/Segment [CATEGORY NUMBER 43]
Midwest Restoration Festival Ball State University
Kayla EilerDirector
Chris FlookEditor
Magazine Program [CATEGORY NUMBER 45]
What's in a Picture: Portrait of Mrs. Chinnery WTIU
Susanne SchwibsProducer and Director
Nostalgia Program - Program/Special/Series [CATEGORY NUMBER 46]
The Show Goes On: Clowes Memorial Hall at 50 WFYI
Kyle TraversProducer
Public/Current/Community Affairs [CATEGORY NUMBER 47]
Fleeced: Speaking Out Against Senior Financial Abuse WFYI
Kim JacobsProducer
Special Event Coverage (other than news or sports) [CATEGORY NUMBER 48]
Anderson University's Candles & Carols Covenant Productions
David ArmstrongDirector
Donald BoggsProducer
Mark DawsonEditor
Community/Public Service (PSA) - Single Spot or Campaign [CATEGORY NUMBER 49]
Cleveland Public Library - Community Deficit Fighter North Water Partners
Kyllea KergMotion Graphics Designer
Paul VogelsangProducer
Graham VeyseyCreative Director
John StanchinaEditor
Promotion News Promo - Single Spot/Campaign [CATEGORY NUMBER 50]
Indiana's My Home WTHR
Kelly RichardsProducer
Kyle DuellVideographer
Brian MulliganEditor
Promotion News Promo - Image [CATEGORY NUMBER 51]
Skytrak Weather Team - Ready for Winter WTHR
Kerry WilliamsProducer
Kyle DuellProducer/ Videographer
Brian MulliganVideo Editor
Promotion - Program Single Spot/Campaign [CATEGORY NUMBER 52]
See The Possible: Focus Campaign WKYC
Monique JacksonCreative Producer
Steve PullenLighting/ Videographer
Matt QuinnMotion Graphics/ Editor
Ohio State Athletics Think Media Studios
Ryan HardyProducer
Geoff YawProducer
Caleb CrossenDirector of Photography
Russell HoeflichProducer
Brian GlazenExecutive Producer
Promotion - Program Sports [CATEGORY NUMBER 53]
Cleveland Cavaliers - 2013 Game Open Think Media Studios
Brian GlazenOwner/Producer
Keith PotoczakProducer
Alex JohnsonProducer
Caleb CrossenDirector of Photography
Promotion - Program Image [CATEGORY NUMBER 54]
"This is Home" WTVG
Ryan SpeerProducer
Commercial [CATEGORY NUMBER 55]
Protect Your Idea WTOL
Kyle OmlorConcept, Animation, Script, Art, Editor
Make a Statement SceneStream Films
Matthew HillProducer
Julian DalrympleProducer
Mark RoscoeProducer
Station Excellence [CATEGORY NUMBER 56]
WFYI: Station of Excellence WFYI
Lloyd WrightPresident and CEO
Community Service [CATEGORY NUMBER 57]
Be Well: Obesity Campaign WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Jerry WarehamPresident & Chief Executive Officer
FOX 8 St. Jude Dream Home Campaign WJW
Greg EasterlyGeneral Manager
Team Coverage [CATEGORY NUMBER 58]
Day of Tornadoes WTHR
Kathy HostetterNews Director
Journalistic Enterprise [CATEGORY NUMBER 59]
Bob Segall -- 13 Investigates WTHR
Bob SegallProducer
Crafts: Audio [CATEGORY NUMBER 60]
Down to Earth: Small Farm Issues in a Big Farm World Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry
Garret BrubakerAudio Technician
Dan EdwardsAudio Technician
Sam NobleAudio Technician
Crafts: Musical Composition/Arrangement [CATEGORY NUMBER 61]
A Tree Grows in Washington: The John F. Seiberling Story Great Tunes Multimedia Inc.
Mark SchulzComposer
Crafts: Research [CATEGORY NUMBER 62]
Made In America: Lima Locomotive Works WBGU
Thomas ZapieckiResearcher
Crafts: Director - Newscast [CATEGORY NUMBER 64]
Officer Bradway Live Coverage WTHR
Loretta GoodeDirector
Crafts: Director - Sports [CATEGORY NUMBER 65]
Cleveland Indians Baseball WKYC/ Fox Sports
Patrick MurrayDirector
Crafts: Director - Post Production [CATEGORY NUMBER 66]
Ohio State University Men's Hockey 2013/2014 Game Open Think Media Studios
Ryan HardyDirector/Editor/Post Production
Legacies of Perfection: Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry
Kayla SprayueDirector
Crafts: Editor - Program [CATEGORY NUMBER 68]
Down to Earth: Small Farm Issues in a Big Farm World Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry
Garret BrubakerEditor
Dan EdwardsEditor
Crafts: Editor - Short Form (Promos, PSAs, Commercials, Opens, etc.) [CATEGORY NUMBER 69]
Ohio State Men's Basketball 2013/2014 Open Video Think Media Studios
Ryan HardyEditor
Crafts: Editor - News/Sports [CATEGORY NUMBER 70]
Edit Composite (2 stories) WTHR
Steve RhodesEditor
Crafts: Graphics/Animation [CATEGORY NUMBER 71]
Miracle on 34th Street Ball State University
Chris FlookAnimator/Motiongrapher
Common Threads - Cleveland Neighborhood Progress North Water Partners
Kyllea KergMotion Graphics Designer
Graham VeyseyCreative Director
Paul VogelsangProducer
John StanchinaEditor
Crafts: Lighting - Studio & Location [CATEGORY NUMBER 72]
Make a Statement SceneStream Films
Matthew HillLighting
Julian DalrympleLighting
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor News [CATEGORY NUMBER 73]
Lori Wilson WISH
Lori WilsonAnchor/Reporter
Bill Hormann, Anchor WTVG
William HormannAnchor
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Weather [CATEGORY NUMBER 74]
Melissa Mack's Barrage of Weather WJW
Melissa MackEvening Meteorologist
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Sports [CATEGORY NUMBER 75]
Dave Furst Sports WRTV
Dave FurstAnchor-Reporter
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Reporter [CATEGORY NUMBER 76]
Jonathan Walsh Composite WEWS
Jonathan WalshReporter
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Performer/Host/Narrator [CATEGORY NUMBER 77]
Chris Van Vliet WOIO
Chris Van VlietHost
Crafts: Photographer - Program (non-news) [CATEGORY NUMBER 78]
Make a Statement SceneStream Films
Matthew HillPhotographer
Julian DalrymplePhotographer
Crafts: Photographer - News [CATEGORY NUMBER 79]
Video Composite (2 stories) WTHR
Steve RhodesPhotographer
Crafts: Video Essay (Single Camera Only) [CATEGORY NUMBER 80]
Happy Feet ! WJW
Ali GhanbariPhotographer
Crafts: Video Journalist [CATEGORY NUMBER 81]
Finding Refuge Ball State Sports Link
Christopher RenkelWriter, Editor, Photographer, Reporter
Crafts: Writer - Program [CATEGORY NUMBER 83]
2013 Writing WTVG
David HolmesWriter
Crafts: Writer - Short Form [CATEGORY NUMBER 84]
Be the ICC - Julia SceneStream Films
Matthew HillWriter
Laura NeidigWriter
Crafts: Writer - News [CATEGORY NUMBER 85]
Writer Composite WTHR
Jeremy BrilliantWriter
Crafts: Technical Achievement [CATEGORY NUMBER 86]
High Altitude Videography WFYI
Aric HartvigVideographer
Student: Newscast & Information [CATEGORY NUMBER 87]
Ball State Sports Link: 3rd Down Chirp Ball State Sports Link
Chris TaylorInstructor
Student: Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs [CATEGORY NUMBER 88]
Scenic Stops: S.S.T.R.E.S. & Mighty Wyte WBGU
Kevin MorrisseyProducer/ Director/ Editor
Student: Long Form [CATEGORY NUMBER 90]
The Advocate Taylor University
John BrunerDirector of Production
Kathy BrunerExecutive Producer
Nathan PfaffEditor
Josh TaylorPost Production Supervisor
Sean TaylorDirector
Kyla MartinProducer
Jordan MillerCo-Producer
Student: Sports - Live Event [CATEGORY NUMBER 91]
Ball State Sports Link: Men's Volleyball vs. Loyola Ball State Sports Link
Chris TaylorInstructor