2015 Emmy Winners

2015 Emmy® Winners
Title Production Company Member Name Program Credit
Monumental Canvas WFYI
Brian Paul Producer
Breaking News
Fire Reignites, 13abc Warns Neighbors WTVG
Tony Geftos Reporter
Business/Consumer - Single Story/Series
Manipulating Myrtle WTHR
Bob Segall Investigative Reporter
William Ditton Photojournalist
Cyndee Hebert Investigative Producer
Susan Batt Investigative Producer
Children/Youth/Teen Program/Special
Math Mess WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Mary Fecteau Producer
Come Out and Play Cleveland Metroparks
Sanaa Julien Producer
Kelly Manderfield Producer
Eric Hewitt Producer/Graphics
Community Service
Project Feed Our Valley WFMJ
Mona Alexander News Director
Community/Public Service (PSA) - Single Spot or Campaign
You & Downtown Cleveland Fusion Filmworks
Grace Nowak Executive Producer
Continuing Coverage
Who Killed Dominique Allen? WTHR
Emily Longnecker Reporter
Naomi Pescovitz Reporter
Matt McCutcheon Reporter
Carrie Cline Reporter
Perry Pace Producer
Steve Jefferson Reporter
Susan Batt Producer
Gregory Goggans Photographer
John Kofodimos Photographer
Crafts: Audio
Enduring Trust: The History and Aspirations of The Cleveland Foundation WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Thomas Ball Audio
Crafts: Director - Newscast
Channel 3 News at 6 WKYC
Matt Babb Director
Crafts: Director - Post Production
Bosma Campaign Compilation Bayonet Media
Joseph Vella Director
Andrew Quinn Director
Crafts: Director - Sports
Cavaliers Basketball Fox Sports Ohio
Daniel Sevic Director
Crafts: Editor - News/Sports
Editing Composite WTHR
Steve Rhodes Editor
Crafts: Editor - Program
Bobby 'Slick' Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier WFYI
Pete Saetre Editor
Crafts: Editor - Short Form
Gear Going Global WFYI
Vincent Manganello Editor
Crafts: Graphics/Animation
2014 Graphics/Animation Compilation SportsTime Ohio & Fox Sports Ohio
Joseph Von Enck Designer/Animator/Editor
Greg Golya Designer/Animator/Editor
Crafts: Lighting - Studio & Location
Newsmakers Wood Innovative Group, LLC
Bernard D. Wood Lighting
Crafts: Musical Composition/Arrangement
Tyron Cooper's Musical Composition for Bobby Leonard Documentary WFYI/ArtSalad
Tyron Cooper Composer/Arranger
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor News
Gabe Spiegel Anchor WJW
Gabe Spiegel Anchor
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Sports
Dave Furst Sports WRTV
Dave Furst Anchor, Reporter
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Anchor Weather
Chuck Lofton WTHR
Chuck Lofton Anchor
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Performer/Host/Narrator
Chris Van Vliet Composite WOIO
Chris Van Vliet Host
Alisha Gaddis - Performer Rainy Day Dimes, LLC
Alisha Gaddis Performer
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Reporter
Best of Jonathan Walsh 2014 WEWS
Jonathan Walsh Reporter
Crafts: Photographer - News
David Bradford - Video Composite WJW
David Bradford Videographer
Crafts: Photographer - Program (non-news)
Because I Can Lightspan Studios
Jet Kaiser Cinematographer
Crafts: Research
The Town That Disappeared Overnight Media 523
David Kuznicki Researcher
Crafts: Video Essay (Single Camera Only)
Ali's Essays body of work 2014 WJW
Ali Ghanbari photojournalist
Crafts: Video Journalist - Unlimited Time
One Drive Ball State Sports Link
Aaron Van Auken Videographer
Crafts: Video Journalist - Within 24 Hours
Teresa Mackin WISH
Teresa Mackin Video Journalist
Crafts: Writer - News
Kevin Rader WTHR
Kevin Rader Writer
Crafts: Writer - Program
Bobby 'Slick' Leonard-Heart of a Hoosier WFYI/Ted Green Productions
Ted Green Writer
Crafts: Writer - Short Form
Crossroads SceneStream Films
Matthew Hill Writer
Crime - News Single Story/Series
Phone Call For Freedom WTHR
Bob Segall Investigative Reporter
William Ditton Photojournalist
Bobby 'Slick' Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier WFYI/Ted Green Productions
Ted Green Producer
Pete Saetre Co-Producer
Feature News - Report
I Come in Peace WTHR
Kevin Rader Reporter
Steve Rhodes Field Producer
Feature News - Series
Only In Indiana WTHR
Kevin Rader Reporter
Joel Clausen Photographer
John Duong Producer
Benjamin Reiff Photographer
Steve Rhodes Field Producer
General Assignment Report - No Time LImit
Grief is a Solitary Battle WTHR
Matt Mrozinski Producer
General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours
The Answer To A Question WTHR
Joel Clausen Photojournalist
Health/Science - News Series
Helmets Safety Ratings WKYC
Dustin Wadsworth Director of Digital Content & Strategy
Tim Dubravetz Producer, Data collection
Matthew Hein Editor
Monica Robins Reporter
Susan Moses Executive Producer
Will Ujek Reporter
Health/Science - Program or Special
Be Well: Caregivers WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Anne Glausser Coordinating Producer
Kay Colby Producer
Sarah Jane Tribble Reporter/Producer
Lauren Wilson Associate Producer
Health/Science - Single Story
Risking it All on an Experimental Procedure WJW
Suzanne Stratford Reporter
Let Them Eat Flies WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Mary Fecteau Producer
Anne Glausser Coordinating Producer
Historical/Cultural Program or Special
Strange Fruit SALT/WFYI
Elizabeth Myer Executive Producer
Frank A. Thomas Writer/Talent
Julian DeShazier Writer/Talent
Andrew Young Videography
Bradley Hoehner Editor
Tyron Cooper Talent/Arranger
Marietta Simpson Talent/Singer
Human Interest - Series
"Beating the Odds" WTHR
Matt Mrozinski Producer
Human Interest - Single Story
Switch/Track Bayonet Media
Joseph Vella Producer
Andrew Quinn Producer
Kevin Grazioli Producer
Informational/Instructional - Program/Series or Special
Great Job! WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Mary Fecteau Producer
Interview/Discussion - Program/Series or Special
Hoosier Legends - Kyle Macy Songbird Media Group/Brian Hammons Productions
Zachary Rutledge Editor/Videographer
Jason Rich Videographer
Keith Toombs Videographer
Kaleb Giddens Videographer
Brian Hammons Producer/Host/Writer
Investigative Report - Series
School Grant Abuse WOIO
Carl Monday Producer
Holly Sechrist Video Editor
Investigative Report - Single Story
Hit or Miss: Indiana Football Helmets WTHR
Bob Segall Investigative reporter
Steve Rhodes Photojournalist
Cyndee Hebert Investigative Producer
Susan Batt Investigative Producer
Jeffrey Higgens Digital Media Coordinator
Journalistic Enterprise -Unlimited Time
Bob Segall -- 13 Investigates WTHR
Bob Segall Producer
Journalistic Enterprise -Within 24 Hours
Jennie Runevitch Composite WTHR
Jennie Runevitch Reporter
Lifestyle Program - Feature/Segment
Beyond the Dish: Greenhouse Tavern WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Lauren Wilson Associate Producer
Jeff Haynes Designer/Editor/Producer
Milan Jovanovic Videographer/Producer
Lifestyle Program - Program/Special
LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: Growing Grapes, Making Wine, and Doing the Work of God in the Cherry Capital of the World WFYI
Gary Harrison Producer/Videographer
Magazine Program - Feature/Segment
Return to Chernobyl WTHR
Scott Swan Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photojournalist
Magazine Program - Program/Special
The Weekly Special: Renew and Reclaim WTIU
Sarah Curtiss Producer
Jay Kincaid Director
Military: Single Story/Series
The Enemy at Home WTHR
Bob Segall Investigative Reporter
William Ditton Photojournalist
Susan Batt Investigative Producer
News Special
Heroin in the Heartland WRTV
Rafael Sanchez Anchor/Reporter
Jason Scheuer Photographer/Editor
Kara Kenney Reporter
Terri Cope-Walton News Director
Newscast - Evening - Market 1-20
Channel 3 News at 6 WKYC
Jonathan Adkins Executive Producer/Managing Editor
Russ Mitchell Reporter-Anchor
Kris Pickel Anchor/Reporter
Meg Hambach Show Producer
Julie Ocepek Assignment Editor
Sara Shookman Reporter
Tom Beres Reporter
Newscast - Evening - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News Nightbeat WTHR
Toby Capion Producer
Newscast - Evening - Market 41+
Fox Toledo News at 10 WUPW/WTOL
Katrina Helmer Producer
Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 1-20
Good Morning Cleveland: 6:00 a.m - 7:00 a.m. WEWS
Sara Roth Producer
Laura Hartog Producer
Joshua Boose Field Anchor
Michelle Decker Associate Producer
Cassandra Nist Assignment Editor
Michael Vielhaber Photographer
Scott Piker Associate producer
Macie Jepson Field Anchor
Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News at Noon WTHR
Bobbie Brooks Producer
Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 41+
13abc Action News Good Morning WTVG
Brian Krupp Producer
Brian Michalak Director
Sashem Brey Anchor
Nostalgia Program - Program/Special/Series
The Town That Disappeared Overnight Media 523
David Kuznicki Producer
Overall Excellence
WFYI Station Excellence WFYI
Lloyd Wright President & CEO
Politics/Government - Single Story/Series
Erasing the Evidence WTHR
Bob Segall Investigative Reporter
Promotion - Program Image
Gear Going Global WFYI
Vincent Manganello Producer/Videographer
Kyle Travers Producer
Promotion - Program Single Spot/Campaign
See The Possible: Red Chair Campaign WKYC
Monique Jackson Producer
Matt Quinn Designer
Promotion - Program Sports
Because I Can Lightspan Studios
Jet Kaiser Editor
Blake Boldon Executive Producer
Laura Neidig Producer
Promotion News Promo - Image
Eyewitness News- Always Here WTHR
Kelly Richards Producer
Kerry Williams Producer
Kyle Duell Videographer
Matt Kerkhoff Editor
Best Days (Winter Olympics Promo) WKYC
Daniel Canterna Writer/Producer/Editor
Promotion News Promo - Single Spot/Campaign
WTHR Olympic Zone WTHR
Kelly Richards Producer
Kerry Williams Producer
Kyle Duell Videographer
Matt Kerkhoff Editor
Public/Current/Community Affairs
ProMedica: Revealing Hunger ProMedica Health System
Matthew Miller Producer
Societal Concerns - Series
Where Sex Offenders Live WISH
Karen Hensel Producer/Reporter
Douglas Moon Photojournalist/Editor
Societal Concerns - Single Story
Why Don't They Buckle Up the Bus? WXIN
Daniel Spehler Reporter
Gregory Dunn Videographer/Editor
Special Event Coverage (other than news or sports)
Time for 3 LIVE! with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra WFYI
Kyle Travers Producer
Aric Hartvig Editor
Nicolas Kendall Musician
Zachary Depue Musician
Ranaan Meyer Musician
David Lai Executive Producer
Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited
Cleveland Indians Baseball SportsTime Ohio
Jim Murphy Producer
Patrick Murray Director
Patrick Kilkenney Coordinating Producer
Mike Pocta Associate Producer
Steve Barto Associate Producer
Sports - One-Time Special
Trackside 6 WRTV
Dave Furst Anchor, Reporter, Editor
Brad Brown Reporter
Sports - Program
Game Changers- Noah Kennedy Time Warner Cable SportsChannel
Jason Pheister Executive Producer
Alison Momeyer Producer
Bryan Levin Producer
Rick Davis Producer
Sports - Single News Story
A Champion at Home WTHR
Dave Calabro Reporter
Steve Rhodes Field Producer
Sports - Sportscast
Football Friday WTVG
David Holmes Producer
Spot News
Plainfield Tornado WISH
Amy Howell Producer
Teresa Mackin Reporter
Jeff Wagner Reporter
Student: Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs
ZTV Akron After Hours ZTV, The University of Akron
Juan Eduardo Contreras B. Executive Producer
Brian Keith Producer
Tyler Warner Talent, Writer, Editor
Chris Rossi Actor, Videographer, Editor
Devin Conner Actor, Writer, Editor
Megan Smith Actress, Sound
Francis Meyo Writer, Talent, Editor
Ashley Ritter Actress
Daniel Cermak Actor
Charlotte Transue Actress
Student: Long Form
The Return of Jacob Brewer Ball State Sports Link
Chris Taylor Faculty Advisor
Luke Martin Producer
Bradley Dailey Producer
Student: Newscast & Information
Ball State Sports Link: Out of the Shadows Ball State Sports Link
Chris Taylor Instructor
Bradley Dailey Producer
Dillon Welch Producer
Matt Craig Assistant Producer
Ryan Bickford Assistant Producer
Matt Organ Assistant Producer
Team Coverage
Summer Tornado WTHR
Chuck Lofton Meteorologist
Sean Ash Meteorologist
Anne Marie Tiernon Anchor
Carrie Cline Reporter
Emily Longnecker Reporter
Matt McCutcheon Reporter
Weather - News Weathercast
Skytrak 13 Weather WTHR
Angela Buchman Meteorologist
Chuck Lofton Meteorologist
Sean Ash Meteorologist
Weekend Newscast - Market 1-20
United Airlines Hub Pulled WKYC
Margaret Traynor Producer
Lynna Lai Anchor
Chris Tye Anchor
Ashley Ross Reporter
Weekend Newscast - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News Nightbeat - Winter Storm WTHR
Alexandria Jud Producer
Weekend Newscast - Market 41+
13abc Action News Weekend Evening WTVG
William Hormann Anchor
Jonathan Mondelli Director
Kristen Fofrich Producer
Jaclyn Maassel-Roach Editor
Ross Ellet Meteorologist
Christopher Gierowski Photographer