2016 Emmy Winners

2016 Emmy® Winners
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Title Production Company Member Name, Program Credit
Arts/Entertainment - News Single Story/Series/Feature
Colbert One on One WTTV
Robert Donaldson, Reporter
#ThanksDave WTTV
Nicole Pence, Reporter
Jake Resler, Videographer
Arts/Entertainment - Program/Program Feature/Special
Cook & Belle's Playhouse - Composite WIPB-TV / Ball State University
Ben Yonker, Director/Camera Operator
Zachary Amick, Camera Operator
Melinda Bender, Camera Operator/Editor
Luke Butler, Camera Operator
Karina Collins, Camera Operator
Rachel Hopkins, Camera Operator/Editor
Jared Sullivan, Camera Operator/Editor
Jessica Knox, Camera Operator
Breaking News
They're Pushing Us Around E.W. Scripps
Isaac Blancas, Photojournalist
Todd Walker, Reporter
Business/Consumer - Single Story/Series
Crash Test Dogs WTHR
Bob Segall, Reporter
Ryan Thedwall, Photographer
Susan Batt, Producer
Children/Youth/Teen Program/Special
Artrageous with Nate- How to Draw The Scream: Watch|Create|Share Artrageous with Nate
Nate Heck, Host & Writer
GreenCycle Mulch Man Campaign Bayonet Media
Joseph Vella, Producer
Andrew Quinn, Producer
Kevin Grazioli, Producer
Ryan Abegglen, Producer
Community Service
WKYC #WeReadHere Campaign WKYC
Margaret Bernstein, Project Manager
Community/Public Service (PSA) - Single Spot or Campaign
The Face of Foreclosure Road Pictures
Greg Malone
Continuing Coverage
The Amanda Blackburn Murder WTHR
Sandra Chapman, Investigative Reporter
Matt Whisner, Photojournalist
Ryan Thedwall, Photojournalist
Joel Clausen, Photojournalist
John Kofodimos, Photojournalist
Gregory Goggans, Photojournalist
Christian Champoux, Photojournalist
Clint Erbacher, Photojournalist
Steve Jefferson, Reporter
Susan Batt, Investigative Producer
Crafts: Audio
Fireworks: The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis 2014 WFYI
Cedric Freeman, Audio engineer
Steve McQueary, Audio Engineer
Crafts: Director - Live or Live to Tape
Mike Vendeland: Violins of Hope Concert WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Michael Vendeland, Director
Crafts: Director - Newscast
Ray Masterson Directing Composite WXIN
Ray Masterson, Director
Crafts: Director - Sports
Paul George Returns - Pacers vs Heat Fox Sports Indiana
Jamie Berns, Director - Live Event Sports
Crafts: Director-Non-Live
Before the League - Director TWC SportsChannel
Jason Pheister, Director
Crafts: Editor - News/Sports
4 stories WXIN
James Suiter, Editor
Steve Rhodes Edit Composite WTHR
Steve Rhodes, Editor
Crafts: Editor - Program
Applause: Special - Beyond the Dish - Farmer's Market WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Jeff Haynes, Editor
Crafts: Editor - Short Form
Andrew Quinn Editing Compilation Bayonet Media
Andrew Quinn, Editor
Crafts: Graphic Arts - News, Animation, Art Design, Set Design
2015 Selects Fox Sports Ohio
Greg Golya, Designer/Animator
Joseph Von Enck, Designer/Animator
Crafts: Lighting - Studio & Location
Joe Vella Lighting Compilation Bayonet Media
Joseph Vella, Lighting Director
Crafts: Musical Composition/Arrangement
Lew Wallace: Shiloh Soldier | Ben-Hur Bard WTIU
Nathanael Pangrazio, Composer/Arranger
Crafts: Photographer - News
Steve Rhodes Videography Composite - 3 stories WTHR
Steve Rhodes, Photographer
Crafts: Photographer - Program (non-news)
Indiana Crossrails: All Aboard the American Dream Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry
Dan Edwards, Photographer
Crafts: Research
Be Well: Lead Poisoning WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Kay Colby, Researcher
Crafts: Talent - Anchor - Sports
Composite: Steve Andress COLTS TV
Steve Andress, Sports Anchor
Crafts: Talent - Anchor - Weather
Meteorologist Jason Nicholas - Composite WEWS
Jason Nicholas, Meteorologist
Chuck Lofton - Weather 2015 WTHR
Chuck Lofton, Meteorologist
Crafts: Talent - Commentator/Editorialist
In the Furst Place WRTV
Dave Furst, Sports Anchor
Crafts: Talent - Reporter - Live
Kris Kirschner Reports WTHR
Kristina Kirschner, Reporter
Crafts: Talent Anchor-News
Scott Sander WISH
Scott Sander, Anchor
Crafts: Video Essay (Single Camera Only)
The Volley of Fire WJW
Ali Ghanbari, Photographer
Crafts: Video Journalist - Unlimited Time
VJ- Jeff Wagner (No time limit) WISH
Jeff Wagner, VideoJournalis
Crafts: Video Journalist - Within 24 Hours
VJ- Jeff Wagner WISH
Jeff Wagner, VideoJournalist
Crafts: Writer - News
Kevin Rader Composite WTHR
Kevin Rader,
Crafts: Writer - Program
Before the League- Writer TWC SportsChannel
Alison Momeyer, Writer
Crime - News Single Story/Series
The Survivors WTHR
Anne Ryder, Reporter
Steve Rhodes, Photographer
Susan Batt, Producer
Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution WTIU
Steven Krahnke, Executive Producer
Susanne Schwibs, Co-Producer/Editor
Eugene Brancolini, Associate Producer
Mario Congreve, Director of Photography/Co-Producer
Glenn Gebhard, Producer/Director
Education/Schools - News Single Story/Series/Feature
Steelworker for the Future WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Mary Fecteau, Producer
Feature News - Report
High Speed Hello WTHR
Scott Swan, Reporter
Steve Rhodes, Field Producer
Feature News - Series
Only in Indiana WTHR
Kevin Rader, Producer
Steve Rhodes, Field Producer
John Whalen, Photographer
Jacob Jennings, Photographer
General Assignment Report - No Time Limit
Kids & Crime WISH
DeAndra Taylor, Photographer
Julian Grace, Reporter
General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours
Turbo Tatin WTHR
John Duong, Producer
Health/Science - News Series
4 Your Health WTTV
Debby Knox, Reporter
Health/Science - Program or Special
How To Avoid A Heart Attack WJW
Marc Gillinov, Host and Contributor
Andrea Fishman, Producer
Chuck Rigdon, Editor
Paul Perozeni, Executive in Charge of Production
Health/Science - Single Story
Kids In Crisis: Scared To Death Of My Own Child WTHR
Bob Segall, Reporter
Bill Ditton, Photographer/Editor
Cyndee Hebert, Producer
Historical/Cultural Program or Special
Ideas: Violins of Hope WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Amy Cummings, Producer
Rick Jackson, Senior Host/Producer
Human Interest - Series
Honor Flight WISH
Teresa Mackin, Reporter
Human Interest - Single Story
Kevin Rader, Reporter
Steve Rhodes, Photographer
Informational/Instructional - Program/Series or Special
The 60-Second Know-It-All Project The Plain Dealer
William Neff, Writer/Narrator/Producer
Jon Fobes, Sound Designer
Interview/Discussion - Program/Series or Special
Bill Hudnut: Twililght Reflections Evening Meditations WFYI Productions
James Simmons, Producer
John Krull, Co-Writer
Aubrey Helms, Field Producer
Emily Metheny, Videographer
Andrea TenBarge, Videographer
Aric Hartvig, Editor
Investigative Report - Series
Desperate For Answers WTHR
Sandra Chapman, Investigative Reporter
Ryan Thedwall, Photographer/Editor
William Ditton, Photographer
Cyndee Hebert, Producer
Susan Batt, Producer
Investigative Report - Single Story
Inside an Epidemic WTHR
Bob Segall, Investigative Reporter
Bill Ditton, Photographer/Editor
Journalistic Enterprise -Unlimited Time
Bob Segall -- 13 Investigates WTHR
Bob Segall, Producer
Journalistic Enterprise -Within 24 Hours
Tom Meyer WKYC
Tom Meyer, Producer
Lifestyle Program - Feature/Segment
Cleveland Cooks WOIO
Jen Picciano, Reporter/Producer
Holly Sechrist, Editor
Pete Sartschev, Photographer
Christopher Reymann, Photographer
Kevin Dorenkott, Photographer
Lifestyle Program - Program/Special
Leaves of Change WFYI
Vincent Manganello, Producer/Videographer
Andrew Young, Videographer
Magazine Program - Feature/Segment
Joe Journeyman: Behind-the-Scenes of an NFL Search and Find Book Inside INdiana Business
Tracy Chen, Executive Producer
Gerry Dick, Host
Magazine Program - Program/Special
The Weekly Special: New Paths New Perspectives WTIU
Sarah Curtiss, Producer
Jay Kincaid, Director
Military: Single Story/Series
Coast Guard Icebreaker: Breaking Through Record Ice WTVG
Ross Ellet, Reporter
Todd Gaertner, Photojournalist
News Excellence
Eyewitness News WTHR
Kathy Hostetter, News Director
News Special
Road To Reform: Investigating the Failures & Uncovering the Solutions for the Cleveland Police Department WEWS
Jeff Harris, News Director
Melissa Watson, Executive Producer
Kelly Hainer, Executive Producer
Ron Regan, Investigative Reporter
Sarah Buduson, Investigative Reporter
Joe Pagonakis, Investigative Reporter
Kristin Volk, Reporter
Michael Harris, Chief Photographer
David Arnold, Photographer
Gary Abrahamsen, Photographer
Robert Gardner, Specialty Editor
Jim Doutt, Photographer
Newscast - Evening - Market 1-20
Channel 3 News at 11 WKYC
Julie Flynn, Executive Producer
Meg Hambach, Producer
Russ Mitchell, Anchor
Sara Shookman, Anchor
Hilary Golston, Reporter
Matt Babb, Director
Julie Ocepek, Assignment Editor
Newscast - Evening - Market 21-40
Jared Fogle Sentencing WXIN
Kerri Cavanaugh, VP of News
Allison Herman, Executive Producer
Jeff Kew, News Producer
Robert Donaldson, Anchor
Fanchon Kaczmarek, Anchor
Newscast - Evening - Market 41+
WKBN 27 First News at Six WKBN
Mitch Davis, News Director/Content Manager
Newscast-Daytime-Market 1-20
Akron Plane Crash WJW
Marc Singer, Assistant News Director
Andrew Fishman, News Director
Chris Gibilisco, Producer
Newscast-Daytime-Market 21-40
Westfield Stage Collapse WTHR
Philip Cannelongo, Producer
Perry Pace, Executive Producer
Newscast-Daytime-Market 41+
13abc Action News at 6:00 PM WTVG
Kristen Fofrich, Producer
Lee Conklin, News Anchor
Newscast-Morning-Market 1-20
Deadly Akron Plane Crash WEWS
Erika Lancaster, Executive Producer
Laura Hartog, Producer
Michelle Decker, Producer
Eric Ristow, Producer
Terrence Lee, Anchor
Jackie Fernandez, Anchor
Corrina Pysa, Anchor
Michael Vielhaber, Photographer
Kristin Byrne, Reporter
Nick Foley, Reporter
Tera Clark, Meteorologist
Somara Theodore, Meteorologist
Newscast-Morning-Market 41+
Your Morning WTOL
Joe Cromer, Photojournalist
Nicole Grzecki, Executive Producer
Maia Belay, Reporter
Mike Holden, Reporter
Nostalgia Program - Program/Special/Series
Hope Has a Home GOAL Productions
Griff Partington, Director
Robert Ballo, Producer
Overall Excellence
Overall Station Excellence WFYI
Lloyd Wright, President & CEO
Politics/Government - Single Story/Series
Food Stamp Hoarders WEWS
Sarah Buduson, Investigative Reporter
Promotion - Program Image
Next Generation of Smart WKYC
Joshua Kubicek, Writer/Producer/Editor
Promotion - Program Single Spot/Campaign
Before the League- Campaign TWC SportsChannel
David Plantz, Promotion Writer/Producer/Editor
Promotion - Program Sports
Cleveland Cavaliers - 2015/2016 Game Opener Glow Think Media Studios
Brian Glazen, Executive Producer
Alex Johnson, Executive Producer
Geoff Yaw, Producer
Ryan Girard, Director
Ryan Hardy, Editor
Ian Zainea, Compositor
Thom Schwartzhoff, Compositor
Caleb Crossen, Director of Photography
Promotion News Promo - Image
6-Minute Advantage WTHR
Kerry Williams, Writer/Producer
Blake Brenneman, Editor
Kyle Duell, Videographer
Jason Richards, Graphics Designer
Promotion News Promo - Single Spot/Campaign
Desperate for Answers WTHR
Kelly Richards, Writer/Producer
Kerry Williams, Writer/Producer
Matt Kerkhoff, Editor
Kids in Crisis WTHR
Kelly Richards, Writer/Producer
Matt Kerkhoff, Editor
Public/Current/Community Affairs
State of the Classroom Indiana Department of Education
Alan Berry, Editor and Producer
Garin Grist, Director
Societal Concerns - Series
Crime Watch 8 WISH
Amy Howell, Executive Producer
Loni Blandford, Managing Editor
Societal Concerns - Single Story
My Son is a Beautiful Girl WTHR
Cyndee Hebert, Producer
Anne Marie Tiernon, Reporter
Steve Rhodes, Photographer
Special Event Coverage (other than news or sports)
The Cleveland Orchestra: Violins of Hope Concert WVIZ/PBS ideastream
Michael Vendeland, Director
Mark Rosenberger, Executive Producer
Bill O'Connell, Host
Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited
Cleveland Indians baseball SportsTime Ohio
Jim Murphy, Producer
Steve Barto, Associate Producer
Patrick Murray, Director
Mike Pocta, Associate Producer
Patrick Kilkenney, Coordinating Producer
Tom Farmer, Executive Producer
Sports - One-Time Special
Rivalry Restored TWC SportsChannel
Jason Pheister, Executive Producer
Alison Momeyer, Executive Producer
Rick Davis, Camera
Bryan Levin, Camera & Editor
Sports - Single News Story
Barn Ball WTHR
Scott Swan, Reporter
Steve Rhodes, Field Producer
Sports - Sportscast
Football Friday Season Premiere WTVG
David Holmes, Host
Steve Slivka, Sports Reporter/Photographer
Joe Nugent, Sports Reporter
Sports-Daily or Weekly Program
18 Holes with Jimmy Hanlin - Chambers Bay - US Open Preview Tee It Up Productions
Dean Cummings, Producer
Jimmy Hanlin, Host
Building The Browns - Part 1 Cleveland Browns
Sara Kornokovich, Executive Producer
Sports-Program Series
Pacers Live Pregame - Pacers vs Warriors Fox Sports Indiana
Kenneth Sothman, Producer
Jeremiah Johnson, Host
Broken: The Andrew Stutz Story Ball State University
Tyler Bradfield, Producer
Spot News
5-Month Old Killed in Cleveland WKYC
Hilary Golston, Reporter
Student: Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs
When the Game Changes: A Playbook for Perseverance Taylor University
Abbie Brewer, Producer
Ashley Young, Director
Jamie Bell, Editor
Kathy Bruner, Executive Producer
Joshua Taylor, Post Production Supervisor
John Bruner, Professor
Student: Long Form
The Glassmakers: Exploring an Indiana Tradition Taylor University
Elyse Horb, Producer
Hanson Reed, Director
AJ Ablog, Editor
Kathy Bruner, Executive Producer
Joshua Taylor, Post Production Supervisor
John Bruner, Professor
Student: Newscast & Information
Ball State Basketball: Out of the Shadows Ball State Sports Link
Dillon Welch, Producer
Matt Organ, Producer
Matt Craig, Assistant Producer
Tim Reusche, Assistant Producer
Chris Taylor, Instructor
Talent - Performer/Host/Narrator
Mike Polk Jr. - The Rizzo Show WJW
Michael Polk, Performer
Team Coverage
The Michael Brelo Verdict WKYC
Russ Mitchell, Anchor
Sara Shookman, Reporter
Jonathan Adkins, Managing Editor
Julie Flynn, Executive Producer
Michael O'Mara, Reporter
Lisa Lowry, Assignment Manager
Will Ujek, Reporter
Dan Bowman, Photojournalist
Tom Beres, Reporter
Alexis Gillies, Producer
Brooke Mayhew, Director
David Hrvatin, Digital Content Producer
Vince Fratiani, Producer
Jiselle Macalaguin, Digital Content Producer
Kim Wendel, Digital Content Producer
Mark Smilor, Photojournalist
Carl Bachtel, Photojournalist
Hilary Golston, Reporter
Weather - News Weathercast
Skytrak 13 Weather WTHR
Nicole Misencik, Meteorologist
Sean Ash, Meteorologist
Weekend Newscast - Market 1-20
NewsChannel 5 at 6 Weekend - Officer Brelo Verdict WEWS
Tara Sutton, Producer
Tracy Carloss, Reporter
Ron Regan, Investigative Reporter
Kelly Hainer, Senior Producer
Weekend Newscast - Market 21-40
FOX59 Newspoint at 11:00 - Weekend Edition WXIN
Christina Griffiths, Producer
McKinley Bundick, Director
Jake Miller, Anchor
Alexis McAdams, Reporter
Krista Lane, Executive Producer
Weekend Newscast - Market 41+
13abc Action News Weekend Evening WTVG
William Hormann, Anchor
Ross Ellet, Meteorologist
David Hutte, Director
Joshua Love, Executive Producer
Sanaa Orra, Reporter