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The Gold and Silver Circle Award is a special recognition of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to honor veteran television professionals who have made a significant contribution to television in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Erie, Toledo, Youngstown, Bloomington, Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis. The Award is open to everyone who has worked in the television industry for fifty years for the Gold Circle Award or twenty-five years or more for the Silver Circle Award with the majority of that time spent in one or more of the Lower Great Lakes Chapter markets listed above. We encourage nominations from all areas of TV including talent, creative, technical, administrative, production, etc, as well as peripheral areas directly related to television such as TV commercial production, TV education, TV journalism, etc. The honor of the Gold or Silver Circle induction is not presented posthumously. The candidate does not need to be a current member of NATAS to be nominated or elected to receive this recognition.

Candidates or their nominators should complete and submit the following information for evaluation by the NATAS Board of Governors. You may nominate as many individuals as you wish. All nominations for the 2018 induction must be received at the Lower Great Lakes Chapter office not later than 5:00 p.m. (EDT) February 22, 2018. Honorees will be enshrined at the 49th Anniversary Emmy® Awards Gala at Crane Bay in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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