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Current Judging Needs

We’re still looking for judges to fill panels for the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter.  Judges should have 2 years experience in the category being judged.  Reply to Bob Hammer with your panel selection at or 440-503-2121. Instructions will come by separate email.

Panels are assigned on first come basis. Some panels will fill quickly.

Rocky Mountain Southwest (7 Judges Needed)
06 Breaking News
11CD Feature News Report – Serious Feature or Serious Series
21D Human Interest-Program Feature/Segment
27F Sports Daily or Weekly Program
30AB Teen (13 and up) – News Single Story/Series/Feature/Program Feature Segment
33 Informational/Instructional (formerly Service Program)
36BC Magazine Program – Program/Special or Series
53A Director Live or Recorded Live
54CD Editor News
59B Talent – Anchor – Weather
59G Talent Reporter – Consumer
62A Writer – Program (Non-News)
55AD Graphic Arts – Graphics/Animation

For judging Codes & instructions, please contact Bob Hammer @


Emmy Express® Judging Instructions

There is a new way to access your panels and videos.

  1. Log into Click on Lower Great Lakes (4th one down)

  2. Enter your email address and password. Forgot your password? There’s a place to request it. Click I’M NOT A ROBOT.

  3. Fill out the Judging Information – you only have to do that one time and the info will be saved.

  4. Look on the dashboard, row 4 Judging.

    INVITATIONS – if you have been specifically invited to judge a panel, Accept or Decline. Accept is SLOW and could take 15 seconds to update. Clicking ACCEPT will email you further instructions, Clicking DECLINE will remove you from that panel. The Invite will stay until Accepted, Declined or Revoked when the panel is full.

    ACTIVE PANELS & STATUS – Where all your judging takes place. Panels ready for viewing are here. The actual judging process hasn’t changed.

    SEARCH AVAILABLE PANELS – List of all the active panel available for judging. Click to request to judge a particular panel.

    JUDGING HISTORY – A list of what you’ve judged recently.

    This is a new judging system. Any feedback is welcome, and can be submitted to Bob Hammer at