Emmy® Awards

2009 Emmy® Award Winners
Title Production Company Member Name Program Credit
1 Newscast - Evening - Market 1-20
Fox 8 News At Six WJW Andrew Fishman Assistant News Director
Antoinette Garbo Managing Editor
Bill Martin Anchor
Tom Merriman Reporter
Doug Munnell Producer
Jack Shea Reporter
Bill Sheil Anchor/Reporter
Marc Singer Executive Producer
Sonya Thompson VP/News Director
2 Newscast - Evening - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News Nightbeat WTHR Duane Becker News Producer
Margaret Cordes Executive Producer
3 Newscast - Evening - Market 41+
13abc Action News at 6pm WTVG Anthony Knopps Assistant News Director
4 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 1-20
Channel 3 News Today WKYC Rita Andolsen News Director
5 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News Sunrise Moscow Tornado WTHR Cyndee Hebert Producer
Judith Palermo Executive Producer
6 Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 41+
WTOL News 11 Your Morning WTOL Melanie Ash Producer
7 Weekend Newscast - Market 1-20
Fox 8 News Weekend WJW Elisa Amigo Reporter
Antoinette Garbo Managing Editor
Bryan Gruden Assignment Editor
Chris Moriarty Engineer/Technical Director
Doug Munnell Producer
Sonya Thompson VP/News Director
Michael Dinvald Director
8 Weekend Newscast - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News Weekend 6PM June 7th WTHR Margaret Cordes Executive Producer
Randy Shy Producer
9 Weekend Newscast - Market 41+
13abc Action News at 11 WTVG Anthony Knopps Assistant News Director
10 Investigative Report - Single Story
Sugarcreek Slaughter WKYC Tom Meyer Reporter
11 Investigative Report - Series
Broken Buses WTHR William Ditton Photographer-Editor
Bob Segall Reporter/Producer
Holly Stephen Executive Producer
12 Spot News
Speedway Apartment Fire WISH Phil Sanchez Reporter
Joseph Starlin News Photojournalist
Rob Youngblood Anchor
13 Breaking News
House Collapse in East Cleveland WOIO Shannon O'Brien Reporter
Dave Kraska Photojournalist
14 Featured News - Report
A Hard Act to Follow WTHR Scott Swan Writer
Steve Rhodes Editor
15 Feature News Report - Series
Eyewitness to China WTHR Scott Swan Writer
Steve Rhodes Editor
16 General Assignment - Within 24 Hours
Christy's Homecoming WTHR Anne Marie Tiernon Reporter
John Whalen Photographer
17 General Assignment Report - No Time Limit
Internet Invasion WTHR Jeremy Brilliant Anchor-Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photojournalist
18 Continuing Coverage
Strip Search WKYC Tom Meyer Reporter
Brandi Paulson Editor
Tom Genovese Videographer
19 Business/Consumer
Snake in a Box WXIN Kimberly King Reporter
20 Politics/Government - Single Story
Boss Hogg Justice WJW David Hollis Photojournalist
Tom Merriman President
21 Politics/Government - News Series
$30 Lifesaver WEWS Ronald Regan Investigative Reporter
22 Arts/Entertainment Program
Doris O'Donnell's Cleveland - Rosie the Reporter Storytellers Media Group, Ltd Mark Wade Stone Producer and Editor
23 Arts/Entertainment Special
The Lion King: Backstage Pass WTVG Matthew Black Production Manager
Diane Larson Anchor
24 Children/Youth Program
Indiana Expeditions-Episode 102 WFYI Rick Crosslin Host/Executive Producer
Aric Hartvig Series Producer
Brian Paul Series Associate Producer
25 Children/Youth Special
Finding Harmony Ball State University Jeffrey Laub Producer
26 Teen Program/Special
Phyllis Sossi Producer
Jason Nicholas Host
27 Health/Science - Single Story
Nine Minutes in October WJW David Hollis Photojournalist
Tom Merriman Producer
28 Health/Science - News Series
Cardiac Death: The Arrested Truth WJW David Hollis Photojournalist
Tom Merriman President
29 Health/Science - Program or Special
The Natural Heritage of Indiana-Life on Land WFYI Samuel Orr Producer
30 Weather - News Weathercast
Jude Redfield Meteorologist WTHR Jude Redfield Meteorologist
31 Weather - News Feature
La Nina Pattern WTHR Chris Wright Chief Meteorologist
Nicole Misencik Producer
31 Weather - News Feature
Crumbling Levees--Silent Storm WEWS Ronald Regan Investigative Reporter
32 Sports - News Single Story
Running Down a Dream WKYC Michael Harris Videographer
Brandi Paulson Editor
Paul Thomas Reporter
34 Sports - Program
Indians On-Deck SportsTime Ohio Al Pawlowski Host
Mike Bachmann Producer
35 Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited - Program/Special
Mini-Marathon WISH George Schantz Director
36 Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited - Series
Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Fox Sports Ohio Tom Farmer VP/Executive Producer
Douglas Johnson Coordinating Producer
Carl Patterson Producer-Director
Bob Pennell Producer-Director
37 Sports - One-Time Special
Undefeated: The Chuck Ealey Story WGTE Public Media Ray Miller Producer
38 Historic/Cultural - Program or Special
Exploring China WTHR Scott Swan Writer
Steve Rhodes Photographer
38 Historic/Cultural - Program or Special
Compassion For Kenya WTHR Scott Allen Photojournalist
Andrea Morehead Reporter
DeShong Perry Producer
39 Societal Concerns - Single Story or News Series
What's Floating in the River WTHR William Ditton Photographer-Editor
Bob Segall Reporter/producer
40 Human Interest - Single Story or News Series
A Ride to Remember WFYI Aric Hartvig Producer/Writer
41 Informational/Instructional - Program or Series
Surviving The Storm WTHR Cheryl O'Brien Producer
Chris Wright Host
42 Interview/Discussion - Program/Series or Special
Mickey's Corner- with Sylvia McNair WFYI Michael Husain Producer/Writer/Director
Michael S. Maurer Chairman Of The Board
43 Magazine Program - Program/Series or Special
Across Indiana 1813 WFYI James Simmons Producer
44 Magazine Program - Feature Segment
A Reason to Dance WFYI Vincent Manganello Writer/Producer
45 Public/Current/Community Affairs
Living Green WEWS Hollie Brubaker Producer / Editor
Cynthia Edwards Editor
46 Nostalgia Program - Program/Special/Series
Radio Daze: Cleveland's FM Air Wars Harvard 131 Films Tom Cummings Producer
Mike Olszewski Writer / Producer
Dave Rogant Producer
48 Community/Public Service (PSA) - Single Spot or Campaign
Toledo on the Move WNWO Jack Scott Creative Services Manager / Producer
Steve Zaborniak Composer / Audio Engineer
David Long Editor
Allen Markey Graphic Artist
49 Promotion News Promo - Single Spot
Change the World WTHR Kyle Duell Promotion Videographer
Kelly Richards Senior Promotion Producer
Kerry Williams Senior Promotion Producer
51 Promotion - Station Image
Indians for Life Mindclay Mike Roche VP/Marketing & New Media
Marc Battaglia Creative Director
Horse Hardesty DP/Editor
52 Commercial
WTOL: NW Ohio Automall WTOL Kyle Omlor Art Director
53 Journalistic Enterprise
Tom Merriman WJW Tom Merriman President
54 Community Service
Beyond the Fence: Memories of Buchenwald ScreenPlay Inc Herbert Hochhauser Professor
55 Technical Achievement
The David Letterman Communication and Media Building production facilities at Ball State University Ball State University Timothy Pollard Associate Professor
Stan Sollars Instructor
Rich Swingley Instructor
Glenn Shick Senior Broadcast Engineer
Jim Scott Senior Broadcast Engineer
56 Crafts: Audio
Applause #1109 - Mag Pies WVIZ/PBS Al Dahlhausen Audio Engineer
Nancy Tatulinski Audio Engineer
57 Crafts: Musical Composition/Arrangement
Carl Michel Compilation Storytellers Media Group, Ltd Carl Michel Music Composer
58 Crafts: Research
Research For Results WEWS Ronald Regan Investigative Reporter
59 Crafts: Director - Live or Live-to-Tape
60 Crafts: Director - Newscast
Countdown to Kickoff WTHR Jennifer Grimme Director
63 Crafts: Editor - News
Edit composite WTHR Steve Rhodes Editor
64 Crafts: Editor - Non-News
State of Assault Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry Riley Fields Editor
65 Crafts: Editor - Short Form (Promos, PSAs, Commercials, Opens, etc.)
Todd Kleckner WEWS Todd Kleckner Editor
66 Crafts: Graphics/Animation - News
2008 WTHR News Graphic Design WTHR Janet Brown Design Director
Kristina Burke Senior Designer
Amy Ramirez Graphic Designer
Jason Richards Motion Graphic Designer
Terry Ross Graphic Designer
Chris Wendel Graphic Designer
Steve Wolfe Graphics Designer
67 Crafts: Graphics/Animation - Non-News
2008 Compilation SportsTime Ohio Gregory Golya Design Director
Joseph Von Enck Broadcast Designer-3D Animator
Ian Zeigler Designer
68 Crafts: Graphic Arts - Set Design
WTHR 2008 News Scenic Design WTHR Janet Brown Design Director
Kyle Duell Promotion Videographer
Karl Kroening Creative Services Videographer
71 Crafts: Photographer - News
Video Composite WTHR Steve Rhodes Photojournalist
72 Crafts: Photographer - Non-News
The Natural Heritage of Indiana-Episode 2: Life in the Water WFYI Samuel Orr Producer
Roger Hangarter Time Lapse Photographer
73 Crafts: Writer - News
Nine Minutes in October WJW Tom Merriman Writer
74 Crafts: Writer - Non-News
A Man's Garage is His Castle WFYI Philip Gulley Writer/Commentator
75 Crafts: Writer - Short Form (Promos, PSAs, Commercials, Opens, etc.)
Congratulations Cliff Lee Sportstime Ohio Mark Schroeder Writer
76 Crafts: On-Camera Talent - Non-News
13abc 2008 WTVG Rob Powers Sports Director
77 Crafts: On-Camera Talent Anchor - News
Scott Swan, Anchor Composite WTHR Scott Swan News Anchor
78 Crafts: On-Camera Talent Anchor - Weather
Angela Buchman WISH Angela Buchman Talent
79 Crafts: On-Camera Talent Anchor - Sports
Dave Furst - Sportscaster WRTV Dave Furst Sports Director
79 Crafts: On-Camera Talent Anchor - Sports
Anthony Calhoun Composite WISH Anthony Calhoun Sports Anchor
80 Crafts: On-Camera Talent - Commentator/Editorialist
County Political Corruption ; Dog Days; Politics and Religion; Council Corruption composite WOIO Bill Applegate VP/General Manager
81 Crafts: On-Camera Talent - Reporter
Bob Segall WTHR Bob Segall Investigative Reporter
82 Student Production
Akron After Hours Z-TV Antonia Villalon Producer
Alex Schuster Director
Matt Reisigner Live Show Director
Ashley Hendrix Head Writer
Mikhall Delinois Talent
Cory Boyle Segment Producer
Devin Simmons Segment Producer
Eddie Shaw Segment Producer
Tim Morris Segment Producer
Brandon Tarzis Segment Producer
Michael Radeff Segment Producer
David Tavolier Segment Producer
Brian Dotin Segment Producer
Anthony Codispoti Segment Producer
86 Advanced Media Crafts: Writer/Producer
Mike Knight, Writer/Producer, Arts Council of Indianapolis WFYI Mike Knight Communications Manager