Category & Nomination Company Nominee Program Credit
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Mkt 1-20  
Channel 3 News at 11 WKYC Richard C. Moore Vice President News
Rita Andolsen Assistant News Director
Romona Robinson Anchor
Tim White Anchor
19 Action News @11 WOIO Dan Salamone News Directors
Tamu Thomas Executive Producer
Brian Sinclair Producer
Fox 8 News At 6 WJW Greg Easterly News Director
Sonya Thompson Assistant News Director
Wilma Smith Anchor
Tim Taylor Anchor
Dick Goddard Chief Meteorologist
DeonnaKirkpatrick Executive Producer
Newschannel 5 @ 6:00 WEWS Ted Henry Anchor
Lee Jordan Anchor
Mark E. Johnson Meteorologist
Chris Miller Sports Anchor
Melissa Watson Producer
John Butte News Director
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Mkt 21-40  
24-Hour News 8 at 11:00 WISH Adam Krent Senior Producer
Eyewitness News at 5:30 WTHR Carolyn Williams Assistant News Director
DeShong Perry Producer
24-Hour News 8 on WNDY at 10:00 WISH Amy Howell Senior Producer
Fox 59 News @ 10 WXIN Bob Donaldson Anchor
Outstanding Daily Newscast - Mkt 41+  
NBC 24 News at 6:00 WNWO Jonathan Mitchell News Director
WTOL NEWS ELEVEN AT 6 WTOL Mitch Jacob News Director
Fox Toledo News First at 10 WUPW Steven France News Director
Karl Rundgren Anchor/Producer
13 ABC Action News at 11 Disney/ABC Anthony Knopps Assistant News Director
Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast - Mkt 1-20  
Good Morning Cleveland WEWS Julie Roy Executive Producer
Julie Maciulis Producer
Nick Kovach Producer
Danita Harris Anchor
Adam Shapiro Anchor
John Butte News Director
Channel 3 News Today WKYC Richard C. Moore Vice President News
David Grendzynski Executive Producer
Fox 8 News In the Morning WJW Greg Easterly News Director
Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast - Mkt 21-40  
Fox 59 Morning News WXIN Vicki Zwart Executive Producer
Eyewitness News at Noon WTHR Judy Palermo Executive Producer
Bobbie Brooks Producer
Daybreak WISH Stacy Thorne Conrad Executive Producer
Outstanding Morning or Daytime Newscast - Mkt 41+  
News Eleven - Your Morning WTOL Mitch Jacob News Director
Fox Toledo News First at 4 WUPW Steven France News Director
Karl Rundgren Anchor
ABC Action News Good Morning WTVG Anthony Knopps Assistant News Director
Investigative Reporting  
Power Workers Beer Blast WKYC Carl Monday
School Bus Bloat 2005 WJW Tom Merriman I-Team Reporter
David Hollis Photojournalist
Matthew Rafferty Avid Editor
Chuck Rigdon Avid Editor
Living Tax Free WTHR Angie Moreschi Reporter
Gerry Lanosga Producer
William Ditton Photographer
Parking Meter Cheaters WKYC Carl Monday Reporter
Mike Leonard Photographer
Bill Safos Producer
Road Reflectors WEWS Ron Regan Investigator
Christopher King Avid Editor
Spot News  
Magnesium Fire WTHR Christian Tamte Photographer
Bodies Found - Mystery Solved WOIO Ed Gallek Reporter
Truck Off Bridge WKYC Danielle Fink Assignment Editor
BrianBehler Videographer
Rita Closing In WISH Steve Bray Chief Meteorologist
Joseph Starlin Photographer
John Lesage Photographer
Live/Breaking News  
EyeWitness News at Noon WTHR Bobbie Brooks Producer
Grain Elevator Fire WTVG Anthony Knopps Assistant Director
White River Boat Rescue WISH LeslieOlsen Reporter
Keith McCutchen Helicopter Pilot
JerryPeck Photographer
John Lesage Photographer
William Fisher Photographer
A Heroes Return WKYC Richard C. Moore Vice President News
Service News Story - Single Story  
Parent on Board WTHR Scott Swan Anchor/Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photographer
Mitchellís Fence WJW Bill Sheil Reporter
Ryan Pike Meningitis WTHR Anne Marie Tiernon Anchor/Reporter
Stephen Starnes Photographer
Unforced Entry WOIO Thomas Meyer Reporter
Barry James Nestor Editor
Street Vendors WOIO Thomas Meyer Reporter
Barry James Nestor Editor
Service News Story - Series  
Unsafe at Work WISH Karen Hensel Reporter
Marcus Collins Photographer/Editor
Loni Smith McKown Producer
The Morning After WJW Gary Liberatore Reporter
General Reporting  
A Downtown Homerun WTVG William Hormann Reporter/Producer
Town Out of Time WTHR Linsey Davis Anchor/Reporter
County Whistleblower WOIO Thomas Meyer Reporter
Indians Dashed Hopes WEWS John Kosich Reporter
News Report - Hard News  
A Letter Before Death WJW Tom Merriman I Team Reporter
David Hollis Photojournalist
Herb Thomas Photojournalist
Carpetbaggers of Hate WJW Tom Merriman I-Team Reporter
The Journey Home WTHR Roger Harvey Anchor/Reporter
Stephen Starnes Photographer
Katrina Pets WKYC Michael A. O'Mara Reporter
News Report - Soft News  
Memorial Art WKYC PaulThomas Writer/Reporter
Mike Harris Video Journalist
John Zaccardelli Editor
WW2 Pilot Reincarnated in a Child? WJW FOX8 Suzanne Stratford Reporter
Chuck Rigdon Editor
Ali Ghanbari Photographer
I'm Not Missing Anything WTHR Scott Swan Anchor/Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photographer
BodyWorlds WKYC Michael A. O'Mara Reporter
Blind Justice WTHR Andrea Morehead Anchor/Reporter
John Whalen Photographer
DeShong Perry Producer
Locals Only WISH Dick Wolfsie Reporter
Shawn Pierce Photographer/Editor
News Series - Hard News  
Land of Osama WTHR Stephen Starnes Photographer
John Stehr Reporter
A Soldier's Sacrifice WTVG Sarah Oehler Reporter
Quarry Baby WKYC PaulThomas Reporter/Writer
10,000 a Month WISH Mary McDermott Reporter
Last Words WTHR Anne Ryder Reporter
Stephen Starnes Photographer
News Series - Soft News  
The Baby Rush WTHR Anne Ryder Reporter
Stephen Starnes Photographer
Holly Stephen Producer
Boot Camp: The Making of a Marine WEWS Stefani Schaefer Reporter/Writer
David H. Arnold Jr. Photographer
Lana Durban Executive Producer
Lynn Westermann Editor
Unsung Heroes WXIN Angela Ganote Anchor/Reporter
Saving Face/Saving Grace WTHR Anne Ryder Reporter
Steve Rhodes Photographer
Matt Wilkening Photographer
Tsunami: Feeding the World WISH Eric Halvorson Reporter
Sports Report  
What Drives Danica? WRTV Dave Furst Sports Director
Meet Mrs. Manning WISH Anthony Calhoun Reporter
Douglas Moon Editor
Ivan Gratz Photographer
Joe Stoll Photographer
John Rekis Photographer
Newscast Production    
Remembering Qudrat WTHR Tiffany Zeno Producer
13ABC Action News at 11 WTVG Matthew Simansky Producer
Eyewitness News at 5 WTHR MaryWells-Stirsman Producer
Eyewitness News at 5:30 PM WTHR DeShong Perry Producer
Crafts: Journalistic Enterprise  
Carl Monday: Cleveland's Investigative
WKYC Carl Monday Reporter
Investigator Tom Meyer WOIO Thomas Meyer Reporter
Bill Sheil WJW Bill Sheil Reporter
Lorrie Taylor WJW Lorrie Taylor Reporter
Duane Pohlman, Chief Investigative
WEWS Duane Pohlman Chief Investigative Reporter
Crafts: Anchor - News  
Nightcast WRTV Ray Cortopassi Anchor
24-Hour News 8 at 5 WISH Scott Sander Anchor
Crafts: Anchor - Weathercaster  
Chris Wright WTHR Chris Wright Weathercaster
Betsy Kling WKYC Betsy Kling Meteorologist
Crafts: Anchor - Sportscaster  
13 ABC Action Sports WTVG Rob Powers Sports Director
Dave Calabro WTHR Dave Calabro Sportscaster
Crafts: On Camera Talent - News  
Carl Monday: Tin Men WKYC Carl Monday Reporter
Living Tax Free WTHR Angie Moreschi Talent Reporter
Merriman Composite WJW Tom Merriman I-Team Reporter
Scott Swan WTHR Scott Swan Anchor
Crafts: On Camera Talent - Non News  
Michael Atwood WFYI Michael Atwood Host
Indians All Star Special WJW John Telich Sportscaster
Aric Hartvig WFYI Aric Hartvig Producer
Crafts: Director - News  
WTHR News - Live/Live to Tape WTHR Loretta Goode Senior Director
Newschannel 5 at 6pm WEWS Steve Kurrent Director
Church Fire/Eyewitness News@Six Video Indiana Ray Masterson Director
Crafts: Director - Non News  
Cavs Basketball on WUAB Cleveland Cavaliers Patrick J. Murray Director
Academic Challenge WEWS Steve Kurrent Director
Crafts: Director - Tape/Film  
We're Ready Indianapolis Colts Brian Woodrum Director/Producer
Say Goodbye Ball State University Brett Varvel Director
Crafts: Videographer - News  
Aliís Composite WJW Ali Ghanbari Photojournalist
Kaline Schounce Composite WFYI Kaline Schounce Producer
3 Stories WXIN James Suiter Photographer
Crafts: Editor - News  
3 stories WXIN James Suiter Editor
Paulson Composite WKYC Brandi Paulson Editor
Steve Rhodes WTHR Steve Rhodes photographer
Doug Moon Composite WISH Douglas Moon Editor
Crafts: Editor - Non News  
Medical Miracles: The Strength of the
Human Heart n Spirit
WKYC-TV Dean Cummings Editor
Muncie Dragstrip / Oliver Winery Composite TAV Productions Tony Prizevoits Editor
Crafts: Editor - Promotion  
Track Team - War on Meth - Wild Winter WTHR Jason Richards Motion Graphics Designer
Chris Stabile Composite WOIO Chris Stabile Editor
Crafts: Writer - News  
Carl Monday News Writer WKYC Carl Monday Writer
Merriman Composite WJW Tom Merriman Writer
Chris Tye Composite WKYC Chris Tye Reporter
Rachelís Journey WFMJ Michelle Nicks News Reporter
Crafts: Writer - Non-News  
Ernie Pyleís War WFYI Todd Gould Writer/Producer
Jim Simmons Composite WFYI Jim Simmons Writer
Math and Science Gumbo WNEO/WEAO Larry Chance Writer
Crafts: Graphic Designer  
Image 2005 WKYC Gregory Golya Graphic Designer
WTHR Graphic Design 2005 WTHR Janet Birkhead Design Director
Kristina Burke Graphic Artist
Jason Richards Graphic Designer
Sergio Camacho - Graphic Designer WISH SergioCamacho Graphic Designer
Crafts: Research  
Highway Robbery WISH Loni Smith McKown Researcher
Karen Hensel Researcher
Rick Dawson Researcher
School Bus Bloat 2005 WJW Tom Merriman I Team Reporter
Crafts: Audio  
Toy Test / Sam I Am WKYC Michael Zaremba Editor
Aliís Composite WJW Ali Ghanbari Audio
Crafts: Lighting  
No Nominations this Category
Crafts: Music Composition  
No Nominations in the Category
News Specials  
9/11 A Nation Changed WISH Stacy Thorne Conrad Executive Producer
SergioCamacho Graphic Designer
Surviving The Storm WTHR Chris Wright Meteorologist
Peep Show Cameras WOIO Bill Applegate General Manager
Reality Check with Tattoo Gypsy WOIO Tattoo Gypsy Contributor
Ryan Minnaugh Producer
JohnPotter Videographer
Christopher Kline Editor
Entertainment Programs - Regularly Scheduled  
No Nominations this Category
Entertainment Programs - Specials  
Casino Crazy One Tank Trips WJW Kenneth Crumpton Host
Andrea Fishman Producer
Antoinette Garbo Segment Producer
Philip Noftz Editor
Herb Thomas Segment Photographer
Kristi M. Kunka Graphic Designer
Beaux Arts at Fifty WTIU/ Indiana University Susanne Schwibs Producer
Steve Krahnke Executive Producer
Jay Kincaid Director
Children/Youth Programs - Regularly Scheduled  
Homework Express Youngstown State University, College of Fine and Performing Arts Fred Owens Project Director
Academic Challenge WEWS Phyllis Sossi Producer
Steve Kurrent Producer
Children/Youth Programs - Specials    
Math and Science Gumbo WNEO/WEAO Dave Benson Executive Producer
Duilio Mariola Director
An Appointment with Dr. Zoolittle WJW Bill Martin Host
Andrea Fishman Producer
Magazine Format Programs    
Across Indiana 1514 WFYI Jim Simmons Executive Producer
Kim Hood Jacobs Producer
Kaline Schounce Producer
Indiana Outdoor #2004 Ball State University Nancy Carlson Executive Producer
Public Affairs Programs - Regularly Scheduled  
Ideas #135 WVIZ/PBS Ideastream Rick Jackson Producer/Host
Elaine Falk Producer/Host
David C. Barnett Reporter/Producer
Phyllis Quail Producer
Michael Vendeland Director
Mark Rosenberger Executive Producer
Karen Schaefer Reporter/Producer
Public Affairs Programs - Specials    
Dateline Cleveland: Ohio School Funding
WKYC Dennis Goulden Producer/Writer
Romona Robinson Host/Anchor
Kim Wheeler Reporter
Tom Beres Reporter
Vagn Steen Editor Associate Producer
Kelly Heffernan Associate Producer
Mike Greene Videographer
The Power of One in Kenya, Into the Heart
of Hopef Hope
The Power of One Productions Michael Jensen Producer/Programmer/Editor
Shattering the Silence WTHR AngelaCain Executive Producer/Writer/Host
Scott Swan Writer/Host
Young-Hee Yedinak Producer/Director
Megan Wright Producer
Brian Mulligan Editor
Janet Birkhead Graphics Designer
Kyle Duell Videographer/Lighting
KarlKroening Lighting
Stephen Starnes Videographer
Interview Discussion Programs - Daily Shows  
No Nominations this Category
Interview Discussion Programs - Shows Scheduled Weekly or Less Often  
Conklin and Company WTVG LeeConklin Host
Business of Motorsports Grow Indiana Media Productions Gerry Dick Managing Editor
Raquel Bahamonde Executive Producer
Andrea Crawford Producer
Your Health & Wellness Cuyahoga Community College Christine Hickey Producer
Cultural Affairs Program  
If Youíre Not Dead, Play!! Phil Hoffman Productions Phil Hoffman Producer/Director
Scott Sebert Associate Producer
Brian Glass Director of Photography
Ernie Pyleís War WFYI Todd Gould Writer/Producer
Anthony Williams Videographer
David Tarr Editor
Judi Border Graphic Artist
Circling Around: The Violin Virtuosi RIAX / WTIU Steve Krahnke Executive Producer
Hideki Isoda Producer/Director
Out of the Shadows: Portraits of Historic
Women Artistsomen Artists
WFYI Lisa DeHayes Producer/Editor
Frank Konermann Photographer
Indianapolis 2005 WISH Stacy Thorne Conrad Executive Producer
Joy Dumandan Anchor/Reporter
Special Programs    
Stormteam 6: Eye to the Sky WRTV Paul Montgomery Writer/Producer
Steve Brenneman Producer
A Gathering of Heroes WFYI Kim Hood Jacobs Producer
Chris Elberfeld Photographer
Aric Hartvig Photographer
David Tarr Editor
Judi Border Art Director
Medical Miracles: The Strength of the
Human Spiritn Spirit
WKYC Dean Cummings Producer/Writer/Editor/Videographer
Cynde Estep Associate Producer
Karin Kurtz Associate Producer
Kristin Swenson Associate Producer
Dino Rhodes Associate Producer
Tanya Wray Associate Producer
Monica Robins Talent
The Power of a Promise WTOL Chrys Peterson Anchor/Reporter
Guitar Mania, Encore in 2004 Cuyahoga Community College Michael Donato Producer
Michael P. Kell Videographer
Richard C. Buchanan Editor
Feature/Entertainment Segments    
The Reno Gang WFYI Amy OíNeal Producer
Chris Elberfeld Videographer
Across Indiana - Reaching Out WFYI Kaline Schounce Producer
Christmas at the Hound Lounge WFYI Aric Hartvig Producer
Ball State Fight Song Ball State University Jaron Henrie-McCrea Producer/Director
Karin Partin Associate Producer
Chad Cooper Cinematographer
Jared Simmons Sound Editor
Luke Amos Lighting
Glenn Augustine Executive Producer
Sports Event - Live Or Live On Tape    
Cleveland Indians Baseball FSN Ohio Tom Farmer Executive Producer
Douglas J. Johnson producer
Robert A. Pennell Director
Carl Patterson Director
Cavs Basketball on WUAB Cleveland Cavaliers David Dombrowski Executive Producer
Patrick J. Murray Director
Mike Pocta Associate Producer
Steve Barto Associate Producer
Sports Programs - Regularly Scheduled    
Cavaliers Countdown FSN Ohio Lisa Johnson Producer
Ron Glasenapp Editor
Tom Farmer Executive Producer
Sports Xtra WRTV Dave Furst Anchor
Tribe Time FSN Ohio Tom Farmer Executive Producer
Carl Patterson Producer/Director
Lisa Johnson Producer
Ron Glasenapp Editor
Andrew Baskin Host
Sports Programs - Specials    
Browns Draft Preview '05 WOIO Joseph Ranyak Executive Producer
Ryan Minnaugh Producer
Brian Duffy Sports Anchor
Jeff Platz Photojournalist/Editor
Cavaliers Opening Night FSN Carl Patterson Producer
Timothy Baker Producer
Tom Farmer Executive Producer
Oliver Winery - Creekbend WTHR Neil White Producer/Director
Holiday Inn - Caribbean Cove WTHR Neil White Producer/Director
Super Fan Ball State University Television William Bryant Producer/Director/Editor
Jason Higgs Producer
Community Service    
Race For The Cure WTOL Chrys Peterson Anchor/Reporter
Mitch Jacob News Director
2005 United Way of Delaware County Ball State University Teleplex William Bryant Director/Editor/Videographer
Jeff Crone Videographer
Al Rent Executive Producer
Neighborhood 8 WISH TinaCosby Community Affairs Director
Steel to Scholars WYTV Angee Shaker Anchor
Technical Achievement  
Baby Qudrat Dies WTHR Stephen Starnes Photographer
Roger Harvey Reporter
Station Promotion - Single Spot  
Faces WKYC Marketing & Promotion Mac Mahaffee Producer
Steve Pullen Photographer
Gregory Golya Graphic Designer
The Hope Givers WFYI Jim Simmons Producer
Kaline Schounce Editor
5 On Your Side Investigative Image WEWS Dan Coyle Creative Services Director
James Sweet Producer
Todd Kleckner Editor
#1 Behind The Scenes WXIN Devoe Slisher Writer/Producer/Editor
Scary Weather WTHR Kerry Williams Producer
Jason Richards Editor
On-Air Station Promotion - Campaign    
Visions WKYC Mac Mahaffee Producer
Gregory Golya Designer
We Take Weather Seriously WOIO Rob Boenau Executive Producer
Robert Weske Executive Producer
Chris Stabile Producer
Rachel Demko Producer
On-Air Station Promotion - Station Created News Topicals  
Hot Dog Vendor Violations WOIO Robert Weske Executive Producer
Rachel Demko Producer
Chop Shop Live WOIO Rob Boenau Executive Producer
Robert Weske Executive Producer
Hadie Bartholomew Producer
Chris Stabile Producer
High Stakes WNDY Marissa Cotten Writer/Producer
The Treasure Code WOIO Robert Weske Executive Producer
Hadie Bartholomew Producer
Erica Wilke Producer
Cracking the Code WTHR Kerry Williams Producer
Public Service Announcement  
Number One Killer Ball State University Kody Gibson Producer/Director
John David Brake Producer/Writer
Think Smoking is Sexy? Ball State University Julian Dalrymple Producer
Student Program  
Dragged Under Kent State University Joseph Seaman Executive Producer/Editor
Ned Bockrath Producer
Brian Handler Producer