Emmy 2000 Award Winners
June 16, 2001

Investigative reporting
Ticket To Trouble WJW Carl Monday, I Team Reporter
Joe Benny, Exec. Producer
David Hollis, Photographer
Service News Story - Single Story
Alarming Trend WKYC Eric Mansfield, Reporter
Service News Story - Series
Living Legacy WTHR Anne Ryder, Reporter/Researcher
Kevin Utley, Photographer/Editor
Jason Richards, Digital Editor
4 News Report - Hard News
Henry's Money WEWS Tom Merriman, Reporter
Mike Zubek, Editor
5 News Report - Soft News
The Exorcism WKYC Dick Russ, Reporter
Dean Cummings, Videographer
Gregory T. Hickey, Editor
Till Death Do Us Part WJW Ali Ghanbari, Photojournalist/Editor
Mark Spain, Reporter/Anchor
News Series - Hard News
The Criminal Mind WTHR Mark Clegg, Reporter/Researcher/Producer
News Series - Soft News
Outback Adventure WTHR Chris Proffitt, Reporter/Researcher
Steve Rhodes, Photographer/Editor
Outstanding Live News
Creek Rescue WISH-TV Rick Dawson, Reporter
Herbert McCutchen, Chopper Pilot
Sports Report
Big Dreams Start Small WTHR Kevin Rader, Reporter
Steve Rhodes, Photographer/Editor
Newscast Production
Eyewitness News at 6:00 WTHR Michael Wilhite, Producer
Crafts: Journalistic Enterprise
Kevin Rader WTHR Kevin Rader, Reporter
Crafts: Photojournalist Enterprise
Steve Rhodes WTHR Steve Rhodes, Photographer/Editor
Crafts: Journalistic Editing Enterprise
Matt Rafferty WJW Matthew Rafferty, Editor
Crafts: Anchor - News
Storm Assault WTOL Jerry Anderson, Anchor
Crafts: Anchor - Weathercaster
Steve Bray WISH-TV Steve Bray, Anchor
Crafts: Anchor - Sportscaster
Dave Calabro WTHR Dave Calabro, Anchor
Crafts: Videographer/News
Making Up For Lost Time WKYC Brian Johnson, News Photographer
Crafts: Videographer/Programming
Project Elephant-At The Zoo WRTV David Schmiedel, Videographer
Cedar Point 200Coastermania WJW Tim Roskey, Videographer
Crafts: Director
The Cleveland Orchestra In Performance WVIZ Bill Cosell, Producer/ Director
Crafts: Editor/News
Blue Monkey Sideshow WTHR Steve Rhodes, Photographer/Editor
Crafts: Editor/Programming
Act of Duty WNEO/WEAO Duilio Mariola, Producer/ Director
Crafts: Editor/Promotion
Monsters of Comedy WTTV4 Robin Micheal Breeden, Editor/Producer
Crafts: Graphic Designer
Design Comosite WKYC Gregory C. Golya, Designer
Crafts: Research
Bilk Indiana WISH-TV Eileen Waldron, Producer/Researcher
Crafts: Writer/Non-News
How I Trained John Worthen Ball State University
Dept. of Telecommunications
Jim Shasky, Writer
Crafts: Audio
Blue Monkey Sideshow WTHR Steve Rhodes, Photographer/Editor
Crafts: Lighting
It's A National Epidemic WJW Ronald Mounts, Photographer
News Specials
In The Child's Best Interest WTHR Kevin Finch, Co-Executive Producer
Stephen Starnes, Photographer
John Whalen, Photographer
Karen Grau, Co-Executive Producer/Reporter
Brian Mulligan, Digital Editor
Kris Burke, Graphic Design
Janet Birkhead, Graphic Design
Jason Richards, Digital Editor
Entertainment Programs - Regularly Scheduled
The Big Chuck & Lil John Show WJW Chuck Schodowski, Producer/Co-Host
John Rinaldi, Co-Host
Tim Roskey, Videographer/Editor
Thomas Stross, Animator
Entertainment Programs - Specials
4 Minutes on Ice WEWS Kim Hollett, Executive Producer
Lana Durban, Producer
Cynthia O'Neill Edwards, Avid Editor
Mike Zubek, Editor
Children/Youth Programs - Regularly Scheduled
Project Elephant- At The Zoo WRTV Kenneth Scheidler, Producer/Director
Children/Youth Programs - Specials
Science Is The Solution WVIZ Gary Manke, Director
Cynthia Albanese, Producer
Judy Brenneke, Executive Producer
Mark Rosenberger, Executive Producer
Magazine Format Programs
Across Indiana #1112 WFYI Tiffany Eggers, Series Producer
Dan Nelson, Series Producer
J. Robert Cook, Producer
Todd Gould, Segment Producer
Gary Harrison, Segment Producer
Michael Atwood, Host
David Tarr, Editor
Keith Toombs, Lighting
Rodney Myers, Series Director
Frank Konermann, Videographer
Phil Waite, Videographer
Anthony Williams, Videographer
Public Affairs & Discussion Programs
- Regularly Scheduled
Feagler & Friends WVIZ Dick Feagler, Host
Phyllis Quail, Producer
Mark Rosenberger, Executive Producer
Public Affairs & Discussion Programs - Specials
State of Our Schools WJW Wayne Dawson, Reporter
Herb Thomas, Photographer
Cultural Affairs
From Rosie the Riviter On... WFYI Tiffany Eggers, Producer
Feature/Entertainment Segments
Across Indiana: A Perfect Society WFYI Todd Gould, Writer/ Producer
Sports Event - Live Or Live On Tape
RaceDay 2000 WKYC Ned Tate, Director
Sports Programs - Regularly Scheduled
High School Sports Insider Classic Teleproductions Michael Bacon, Exec. Producer
David Bacon, Producer
Debra Bacon, Producer
Bill Boronkay, Producer
Tom Genovese, Videographer
Mike Gerlica, Videographer
Grant Zalba, Prod. Manager/ Videographer
Tom Gross, Editor
James Lockhard, Editor
Sports Programs - Specials
Brickyard 400 Preview Show WRTV Kurt Swadener, Executive Producer
Mike Jensen, Videographer
Title Sequences And Bumps
WTHR News Opens And Bumps 2000 WTHR Janet Birkhead, Design Director
Kris Burke, Designer
Brian Mulligan, Compositor/Editor
Community Service
Project Patriotism WKYC Stephen Wisinski, Producer
Gregory C. Golya, Designer
Micki Byrnes, Director of Marketing and Promotion
Steve Pullen, Photographer
Vagn Steen, Editor
Lee Will, Editor
Dan Ketterick, Webmaster
Kimbal Fatica, Photographer
Station Promotion
Shaft-winkle WTTV Robin Micheal Breeden, Writer/Producer/Editor
On-Air Station Promotion Campaign
Project Patriotism WKYC Stephen Wisinski, Producer
Gregory C. Golya, Designer
Steve Pullen, Photographer
On-Air Station Promotion
- Station Created News Topicals
In The Child's Best Interest WTHR Julie Cooley, Senior producer
Public Service Announcement
One More For The Road John Brune Digital Video John Brune, Producer/Editor
Student Program
Connections/Live Ball State University Brian James Miller, Executive Producer
Jobie Ormes, Executive Producer