Entry FAQs

Q. What’s the entry deadline?
A. The entry deadline for Broadcast Year 2013 is February 2, 2014.

Q. Where are the forms?
A. This year entrants need to submit their entry information online. It is strongly suggested that if you are going to renew your membership, that you do so prior to submitting an entry.

Q. What format is required for entry submissions?
A. All traditional broadcast/cable entries must be submitted on DVD. Please see the Call for Entries for specific guidelines. Advanced Media entries may be submitted on CD-R, DVD or by providing an active URL.
New This Year: You must submit 2 (two) DVD/CD copies of each entry.

Q. If I submit a composite in one of the craft categories, what should I put down for the “first airdate?
A. Use the date from the piece that aired earliest. You will need to include the month, day and year. Remember that all work submitted must have actually first aired during the eligibility period: Jan. 1, 2013 – Dec. 31, 2013.

Q. What are the Advanced Media categories?
A. Advanced Media Categories recognize “outstanding achievement in content for broadband and portable delivery” such as vodcasts, podcasts, webcasts, video blogs, etc. For specific info and the list of Advanced Media Categories, see the Call for Entries. And, please feel free to pass this info – and a copy of the Call for Entries – along to anyone you know who may be producing such content!

Q. Can I submit the same video in two places (Cat. 1-55)?
A. Any single piece of work may be submitted in only one News or Programming category (Cat. 1-55) unless otherwise noted. However, the same piece of work may be submitted in one or more Craft categories.

Q. Who should be listed on the entry form as the entrant(s)?
A. For news, programming, spot announcement (Cat. 1-55) and advanced media (Cat. 83-86) categories: the “producers” should be listed. “Producers” is defined for
our purposes as “those most creatively responsible for the award worthiness of the entry.” Your ‘job title’ doesn’t apply as much as your actual responsibilities and the role you assume for the particular entry. For example, many news category entries list the reporter, or the reporter and the videographer, as the producer(s). For the Craft categories (Cat. 56-81), the craftsperson should be listed. More than one person can be listed on a Craft entry. For example, if 2 people worked together to write a program, they may submit the program together as a single entry in "Writer." Each would need to pay a fee and each would receive an Emmy® statue if the entry is a recipient.

Q. Is there any way to recognize the contributions of individuals or organizations who helped with my entry, but did not have a producer’s role?
A. Yes. There are certificates and plaques available for both nominated and winning Emmy® entries that can be purchased from the Chapter. Contact the Emmy® Awards Administrator after the event for more information.

Q. Do we need to pay fees for each person listed?
A. Yes. An entry fee must be paid for each person listed on the entry.

Q. Can we just put the station/company as the entrant and pay one fee?
A. No. Awards are presented to individuals, not companies. You must list each person who should be recognized (as explained above) and pay the appropriate fees for each person listed

Q. Do I have to be a member to submit an entry?
A. No, but members do receive a discounted rate for their entry fees.

Q. Am I a member?
A. All Membership is based on a calendar year with everyone having the same expiration date of December 31st. So, if you became a member when submitting entries last year, your membership expired 12/31/2008 and must be renewed.

Q. If I’m not a current member, can I join now?
A. YES! If you aren’t already a member of the National Television Academy, we encourage you to join when submitting your entries. Even if you only have one entry, becoming a member now will save you money! $70 (membership fee) + $70 (member entry fee) = $140. The non-member entry fee is: $145. Plus, you’ll only need to pay the $70 member entry fee for any additional entries you submit.

Q. How do I become a member?
A. Join online. If you were a member last year, and supplied a valid email address, you can renew your membership by following the links at www.nataslgl.org

Q. I’m coordinating all of the entry submissions from my company; or, I’m submitting 5 or more entries. Is there anything extra I need to fill out?
A. No. With our online system you’ll no longer need to fill out a Master List and Payment Form. However, if you’re coordinating the entries for your company, you may want to take advantage of the “Dashboard.” You’ll be able to review, change, approve and pay for your company’s entries. For additional information and to get your company log in ID and password for the Dashboard contact Bob Hammer, Awards Administrator emmyawards@nataslgl.org

Q: How do I change or update my entry?

A. Follow the link at the bottom of your receipt. That will allow you to make changes.

Select the category you want to modify, then select the entry. "Click modify this entry" and it takes you out to STEP 1-A where you will need to verify EVERYONE on this entry again. If you don't, it resets and defaults to the Non-Member rate of $145.

Click YES and continue to Step 1-B.

After you have reverified all the entrants, then click continue to Step 1-C which shows the entry you are modifying. You CANNOT modify category, (I cannot modify the category, if you need to modify the category start over with a new entry.)

Go to Step 2 where you can make changes. NOTE you MUST recheck the box "which members should be on this entry" to include those entered or it will kick them out to non-member status.

Step 3 is the billing page. If you missed something the rate will have changed. IF you added or subtracted an entrant the rate will be reflected. NOTE: You cannot change membership status here.

Step 4 shows invoicing. The new total should be reflected, if you have previously paid that credit should also appear.

Go to Step 5 will show a balence due if you added a name or "no payment due" if you updated titles, times, dates or synopsis.

Close the browser.