SPA Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the 2016 NATAS-Lower Great Lakes Student Production Awards!

We are thrilled to recognize some truly outstanding work done by high school students in our Chapter.

Our judges were impressed with the overall quality and abilities of these young broadcasters.  Their creativity and technical skills made this a very competitive field.

The awards were judged by broadcasting professionals who are active in the NATAS Chapter and in the region’s Emmy® Awards.  They include award-winning reporters, producers, educators and managers.

We look forward to seeing even more work next year!  Look for the 2016 Call for Entries late this year.


Newscast (H1)

3-10-16 News – Hoover High School

Amelia Zerbe – Anchor, Pre-Show Tease

Carly Sabella – News Anchor

Caroline Voegele – News Anchor

Elaine Werren – Anchor, Special Segment

Ethan Plaster – Director

Harrison Helaney – Technical Director

Zac Bazzoli – Graphics

Dan Myers – Graphics

Quentin Zermeno – Camera

Katherine Davidsaver – Audio

Ashur Abraham – Camera

McKenna Petree – Graphics

Dylan Craig – Camera

Luke Lauter – Producer


Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs (H2)

Immersed in Niger – Marion L. Steele High School

Hannah Gannelli – Producer


Short Form – Fiction (H3)

The Audition – Hoover High School

Riley Wilson – Director

Vanessa Crano – Director

Randy Wayne – Producer

Nick Stimer – Producer

Eric Dague – Producer

Willow Longbrake – Producer/Actor

Carly Huthmacher – Editor

Jacob Draa – Producer/Actor

Amelia Zerbe – Actor

Sam Marazita – Actor


Short Form – Non-fiction (H4)

Violent Intruder Drill –  Marion L. Steele High School

Erica Zichi – Reporter

Hannah Gannelli – Videographer


Public Service (PSAs) (H6)


  1. It’s Not Worth It – Marion L. Steele High

    Ally Perkins – Producer

    Taylor Moore – Producer

  2. PSA Water Conservation? – Hoover High School

    Quentin Zermeno – Editor

    Luke Lauter – Cinematographer

    Dan Myers – Editor

    Nate Murphy – Cinematographer


Public Affairs/Community Service (H13)

Accepting Transgender Students – Marion L. Steele High School

Taylor Schultz – Reporter

Denver Voss – Reporter

Sarah Urbanik – Reporter

Tia Deshuk – Reporter


Commercial (H14)

Youth Vote America – GlenOak High School

Ben Kohan – Animation

Chase Wirth – Editor / Camera

Ryan Thomas – Animation

Emma Kirkbride – Voiceover / Producer

Jamila Freeman – Producer

Tyler Pace – Camera

Kyle Stupeck – Camera



Each winning school will receive a Crystal Pillar to display at the school, and each student whose name is on the winning entry will receive a certificate.

Any student whose name is on the entry form of a winning production may purchase a duplicate Crystal Pillar.  The 6-inch pillars cost $125 each.

To order a Student Production Awards Crystal Pillar to commemorate your winning entry, click here.


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and the Lower Great Lakes Chapter is proud of the students and schools receiving this year’s Student Production Awards.  However, it should be noted that NATAS restricts the use of the term “Emmy®” to professional awards. 

Students may say they are recipients of a NATAS-Lower Great Lakes Regional Student Production Award.  They may also say they received a Student Production Award from the NATAS-Lower Great Lakes chapter.  Students and schools may use the image of the crystal pillar in their awards promotion.

It is important to note that students did not receive Emmy® awards or Student Emmy® Awards. The Emmy® name and statue are registered trademarks.  Students and schools may not use the Emmy® name or figure to reference the Student Production award  That includes mentions in publications, promotions or resumes.