Student Scholarships

The Entry Deadline Has Passed
  • NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter is no longer accepting entries for the Student Scholarship competition. The deadlien for 2018 was February 28th. Please check back in early 2019.
  • The Lower Great Lakes Chapter of NATAS offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors, and to college juniors or seniors attending schools within the Lower Great Lakes Chapter region including: Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Bowling Green, Toledo, Lima and Mansfield, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Indianapolis, Bloomington, Muncie and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Students must plan to attend or currently attend a four-year college to pursue a career in the television industry. Recipients and their parents are guests at the 48th Annual NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter Regional Emmy® Awards ceremony where they will receive on-stage recognition. The gala is planned for Saturday, June 23, 2018 at Crane Bay in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    The deadline to apply was February 28, 2018. The application process is the same for all scholarships and is completed online through Applications will be screened by our scholarship committee, and finalists will be notified by mail. In March, finalists will be invited to an interview by members of the NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter scholarship selection committee.

    If you have questions, feel free to contact Education Committee Chair Mark Lynch at To view a letter submitted to student advisers with more details on our scholarships: high school students click here :: college students click here. Please note, DO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTIONS. We do not accept DVD’s, Tapes, etc., however you are welcome to include a URL if the project is available online.

    NATAS Lower Great Lakes Chapter Collegiate Scholarship

    Last year, the NATAS Lower Great Lakes chapter awarded two $2000 high school scholarships and one $2500 college scholarship.

    The high school scholarships are awarded to two current high school seniors who plan to attend a four-year college and pursue a career in the television industry and are available for high school students attending a school anywhere in the membership area of our organization which includes Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Bowling Green, Toledo, Lima and Mansfield, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Lafayette, and Muncie, Indiana.

    The college scholarship is offered to students who attend a college in our region and will be a college junior or senior in the next academic year and who intend to pursue a career in television or television related field. The membership area of our organization includes Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Bowling Green, Toledo, Lima and Mansfield, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania; Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Lafayette, and Muncie, Indiana.

    We are pleased to announce the three winners for this year:


    2018 Lower Great Lakes Scholarship Winners



    Sports have always been my life. When I was younger, I played every sport that I could which from volleyball to football to soccer. What I really found joy in wasn’t necessarily playing the game, but instead I found a thrill in analyzing it. I often received grief from my coaches for questioning everything, but it was simply how my brain was wired. I soon discovered that I had this natural curiosity with all things, edging me on to discover the story behind everything that happens around me and understanding the truth behind everything. My instinctive draw to the field of journalism can be heavily attributed to this burning desire to ask questions and seek out the truth. However, despite my draw to all subjects, the one I find myself always returning to is sports.

    I never truly considered the option of sports broadcasting until my sophomore year of high school when I auditioned to become one of the announcers for the men’s varsity basketball team. There were 12 people at the audition, but I came away with a spot in the top announcing duo, becoming only the second person in Carmel High School history to announce sports for the television program as only a sophomore. From then on, I was hooked and I took the liberty of announcing every single sport and outing that I could. It became difficult balancing school, high school athletics, and broadcasting, but there was no better feeling than sitting in that press box and sharing my own play-by-play or color commentary on whatever sport was playing that night. As I near the end of my senior year, I’ve had the chance to cover basketball, lacrosse, soccer, track and field (for both boys and girls) and football. Announcing sports is the most natural feeling in the world for me, and I’ve been lucky enough to have some incredible partners and learn from some outstanding professionals along the way.

    Next fall I will be continuing my passion for sports broadcasting at Indiana University as I work towards my degree in Sports Media. Rest assured that my time at Indiana University will be busy as I already have plans to start my own talk show and reinvent the way that sports is covered both in-game and behind the scenes. I’ve already had frequent contact with the professor who heads up the sports media program at IU and I’m prepared to use whatever platform necessary to work with him and take sports journalism at Indiana University to the next level. Beyond college, the enormous goals only continue. Realistically, I will probably start in a small market and spend years working my way up into the bigger markets with larger sports fan bases, but the end goal has always been to work for ESPN. The thought of being able to share my wealth of knowledge and individualized analysis with some of the greatest minds to ever grace sports is certainly a lofty goal and one that is reserved for only the best, but that’s what I strive to be. Regardless of where my future takes me, I will continue to be a.die hard journalist and sports broadcaster at heart, and I am eager to see what my future in this field holds.



    Clicking the export button and watching the final product is an addictive feeling. So addicting that I have chosen to further my education in the Broadcast Media field. This feeling was established back 4 years ago, but was solidified 3 years ago. Way back, during my Winter Break of Freshmen year, I made a very awkward Math Rap for extra credit in my Honors Algebra II class. It was worth 20 extra credit points, and my 89% was itching to be bumped up. To create a song was the only way I could pull my grade up. So, I took the challenge and created a video to go along with rap. Although my songwriting skills were not Grammy worthy, my editing skills were pretty decent for never creating anything before. But, the feeling, of watching the wheel spin round and round while the video rendered and then finally the video played. Watching my final product back, after creating it all from scratch, that feeling is one I plan to never let go.

    Towards the end of the school year, we had to sign up for classes. A Broadcasting class was a choice. This class was filled with a group of students who put on a daily morning news show every morning. While other kids would sit on their phones and talk during this show, I watched with eagle eyes. With some pleading and begging to my guidance counselor to talk the teacher into letting me into the class for my sophomore year, I was accepted into the class. This was a major accomplishment as usually the class was for junior and senior students only. That next fall, I began learning the inner ropes of a working news station, well, on a very smaller scale. Nonetheless, over the past 3 years, I have become the master of fixing random problems that occur in that small tucked away room in our Learning Resource Center. More importantly, I have discovered a true passion of mine. This passion is one I would like to share with the next generation of the field.

    My plan for the next few years is to attend Bowling Green State University to study both Visual Communications Technology and Adolescent to Young Adult Education. I then plan to teach the next generation of the work force the art of Broadcasting. I want to inspire my students to create their own, individualized art. Because truly, individuality is the base of this field. Allowing the students to figure out the editing software on their own, but still being there for them to catch them when they fall down is a way of teaching I plan to acquire. As my Broadcasting Teacher will tell you herself, she is technologically disabled. I learned this very quickly when she was asking me questions about the software halfway through my first year of the program. I do plan to be a little more advanced with technology than my students, as I will not shy away from them showing me their ideas and ways of editing for myself to adapt. I am eager to graduate from Bowling Green and help students get their feet wet in this very rewarding field.



    Broadcasting presented itself to me several years ago. As a sophomore at Carmel High School, I enrolled in my school’s radio course, WHJE Radio. There were many different aspects to WHJE, but the sports department is what called to me. I have been a sports fanatic my entire life and communicating sports made sense. I did this through play-by-play broadcasting, talk-show hosting, interviewing and more.

    My three years’ worth of experience at WHJE led me to Ball State University’s Digital Sports Production, an immersive learning program that has allowed me to continue my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster. The skillsets I acquired in high school have transferred into college at a more advanced and extensive level, while I have also gained new abilities and experiences at Ball State. To compliment my radio abilities in high school and college, I have learned the art of broadcasting on television (ESPN3) through the roles of talent and production. Sideline reporter, lead producer and camera operator are just a few of the roles I have served on live sports broadcasts. Video feature story production, highlight shooting, player profile articles are other capabilities and experiences that I have added.

    I know that as I continue my journey through Ball State Digital Sports Production, my current skills will be strengthened, and I will also learn much more about sports broadcasting on all fronts. A diverse set of abilities is very important, yet my goal has always remained constant; becoming a sports broadcaster. In ten years, I see myself as a play-by-play broadcaster on radio or television for a professional sports organization. I am open to many different branches of my sports broadcasting dream, but reaching my goal in whatever way is what I have tirelessly worked for and what I will continuously work for until it is

    Passion is key to whatever someone pursues in life. Money, the opinions of others, obstacles…none of those matter if someone loves what they do. I love what I am currently doing and I love what I am seeking. Sports broadcasting is a big part of my life and I fully plan on it staying that way. I’m very thankful that broadcasting showed itself to me during high school, and I plan to relentlessly go after my dream of become a sportscaster with pride, with a positive attitude and with passion.